Land Bank of the Philippines

First FireEye customer in the country

An increasing number of dangerous cyber attacks successfully breach companies on a daily basis: Around the world, financial institutions continue to be a highly prized and constantly pursued target. Archieval Tolentino, chief security officer of Land Bank of the Philippines, shared, “We have invested so much to attain a high level of trust with our customers. If there is an attack, we want to be equipped to detect and block it quickly, and recover even faster to ensure there’s no significant business impact.”

He continued, “We were initially looking for a solution to provide supplemental protection to our email traffic. Even though we already had a well-known anti-spam solution, we wanted to add another level of security to protect against advanced threats, such as zero-day exploits, phishing and ransomware.”

Protecting the Crown Jewels

Landbank chose to partner with FireEye and became FireEye’s first customer in the Philippines. “Even though we started by looking at email-related protection, we quickly understood what implementing FireEye across a broader range of threat vectors would mean to us. There was no question. We see FireEye at the forefront of the next wave of security solutions that focus on ‘cyber resiliency,’ which for us equates to business continuity and trust,” explained Tolentino.


Land Bank of the Philippines Customer Story

“We see FireEye at the forefront of the next wave of security solutions that focus on ‘cyber resiliency,’ which for us equates to business continuity and trust.”

- Archieval Tolentino, Chief Security Officer, Land Bank of the Philippines

The impact of implementing multiple FireEye solutions – FireEye Network Security, FireEye Endpoint Security, FireEye Email Security, and FireEye Managed Defense – has been dramatic. Tolentino enthused, “FireEye has enabled us to elevate the overall levels of protection of our data – what I refer to as our ‘Crown Jewels’ – across our entire infrastructure.”

Unparalleled Defenses

With FireEye Network Security, Landbank has a solution that detects, prevents, and responds to malware and threats that are traditionally missed in a large infrastructure. Suspicious activities on the network are analyzed and prevented from launching. “FireEye Network Security helps us monitor the specific details of exactly who is accessing our environment, and so much more,” stated Tolentino. “We are immediately alerted if someone downloads an infected file from the Internet.”

FireEye Email Security is utilized by Landbank to detect and stop advanced email attacks like malware hidden in attachments, malicious URLs, and zero-day exploits. Each individual email is analyzed to block spear phishing, ensuring threat containment and minimizing false alerts. “FireEye Email Security has already helped us prevent multiple attacks from succeeding,” Tolentino shared. “We have not experienced a single false-positive whatsoever; the alert data is extremely good at pinpointing offending files. At this point in time, there’s no other email security solution that compares.”

He continued, “We have 375 branches nationwide and – as our country is composed of 7,900 islands – we have offices from the far north down to the deep south, and we have deployed FireEye Endpoint Security across our entire infrastructure. My team was able to accomplish the implementation in just one month. The FireEye solution’s detection and response capabilities give us the capability to immediately inspect, search and analyze suspicious activity on any device; enabling us to protect our infrastructure using detailed threat information in real time.”

Increased Cyber Resiliency

Tolentino has plans in place to leverage FireEye Managed Defense to help work around the region’s shortage of security professionals. He explained, “Information security courses are not currently offered in universities in the Philippines, so FireEye as a Service will complement our existing security personnel with FireEye expertise and threat intelligence. The service will give us real-time visibility into emerging threats and provide a mechanism to expedite mitigation without needing to add extra resources.”

Tolentino concluded, “Partnering with FireEye has not only enhanced our overall protection but has greatly improved my team’s efficiency and capacity. We proactively stay ahead of threats with FireEye discovering malware hidden in emails, websites, and endpoints located anywhere across our widespread environment.

“FireEye has definitely become a strategic partner of Landbank. The continuous vigilance we can now deliver gives us great peace of mind and reduces the chance of a breach. FireEye is continually innovating and the new solutions will provide an even more advanced platform for managing attacks.”

Land Bank of the Philippines

Land Bank of the Philippines

Industry: Finance

Founded in 1963, Land Bank of the Philippines (also known as Landbank) is a financial services provider with an emphasis on serving the country’s farmers and fishermen. Headquartered in Manila, it is the largest government-owned and fourth largest bank in the country in terms of assets. With over 370 branches and 1,600 ATMs, Landbank serves many rural customers in areas where financial facilities are either limited or non-existent.


  • Immediate detection and blocking of potential attacks
  • Increased efficiency and capacity of security team
  • Heightened cyber resiliency; instilling confidence and elevating customer trust