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NTT Communications deepens visibility across worldwide managed security services infrastructure

As a key IT solutions business unit within NTT Group—a Fortune Global 100 company—NTT Communications Corporation oversees an extensive worldwide infrastructure, comprising some of the world’s most advanced data center facilities that connect over 190 countries spread across six continents. NTT Communications’ global infrastructure is as expansive as it is state-of-the-art.

A globally renowned powerhouse in private networking, cloud, hosting and networking services—and an industry leader in IPv6 transit technologies—NTT Communications has received countless industry accolades. The company has been named Best Operator at the World Communication Awards five times.

Fumitaka Takeuchi, director of the NTT Communications managed security services taskforce, is a key contributor to promoting cyber resiliency across information and communications technology (ICT) architectures. His department connects enterprise customers with ICT solutions that deliver the foundation for secure, high-integrity / highperformance infrastructures.


NTT Communications deepens visibility across globally-managed security services infrastructure

“One key quality worth highlighting about FireEye is how reliable and trustworthy its team members are: These are some of the most important factors to consider for anyone looking for a cyber security services partner.”

- Fumitaka Takeuchi, Director of the Managed Security Services Taskforce, NTT Communications Corporation

One of the company’s most prominent solutions, WideAngle, is a globally integrated managed security service supported by 1,500 professionals and multiple global risk operations centers. As the former president and CEO of NTT Com Security Corporation, Takeuchi was intimately involved in developing and launching WideAngle.

Keenly aware of the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, Takeuchi sought to fortify the threat detection and mitigation capabilities in WideAngle’s security portfolio. He explained, “Though traditional network defenses such as firewalls and IPS have prevented cyber exploits in the past, the criticality of endpoint security in today’s exceedingly dangerous environment is continually being reviewed by many companies, especially in Japan.”

Takeuchi also recognized the potential to evolve NTT Communications’ security stance to address another industry trend challenging traditional approaches to cyber security: The widespread shift from on-premise ICT infrastructures to cloudbased environments.

Leveraging Superior Detection Technologies

When Takeuchi began evaluating potential solutions, he recognized that the behavior-based malware detection abilities of the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine were capable of delivering a powerful mechanism for coping with new breeds of cyber attack. He shared, “We knew we needed this caliber of solution, so we decided to build a partnership with FireEye.”

Further enticing NTT Communications to pursue a deeper relationship with FireEye was the opportunity to engage the expertise of Mandiant consultants to conduct a Compromise Assessment. NTT collaborated with the team to determine how to combat the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by frontline threat actors.

Takeuchi also opted to add FireEye Network Security and FireEye Email Security to NTT Communication’s portfolio to deliver elevated protection across the entire infrastructure. These were followed by the selection of FireEye Endpoint Security to serve as the centerpiece of the company’s managed endpoint detection and response service.

End-to-End Visibility into All Network Traffic

Since they implemented the FireEye solutions, NTT Communications’ ability to detect, analyze and respond to suspicious activity at endpoints throughout its worldwide environment, and in network traffic passing through cloud gateways, has significantly improved.

Takeuchi elaborated, “With our previous approach to network security, defensive tools—like an intrusion prevention system—would detect and mitigate any signature-based threats they could recognize, but we noticed that an increasing number of more sophisticated attacks were evading this type of technology.”

With the FireEye solutions in place, Takeuchi and his team now have deep visibility into the characteristics and intent of previously unidentifiable cyber exploits. “FireEye Endpoint Security collects and analyzes extensive, detailed logs of network traffic, which helps us ensure our customers’ environments remain secure,” he noted.

NTT Communications also has benefited from the scalability of the FireEye solutions, which enable the company’s security experts to monitor customer environments anywhere in the world. “The endpoint detection and response solutions from FireEye are extremely straightforward to manage from any location of our choosing,” stated Takeuchi.

Equipped with FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition, a solution capable of preventing advanced and targeted attacks from passing through cloud gateways, Takeuchi is eager to build on the NTT Communications’ cloud-based offerings: “Our next phase is to leverage FireEye Email Security—Cloud Edition in one of our new managed security service offerings that is specifically designed to fortify cloud environments,” he shared.

Qualities that Count in a Strategic Partnership

As one of the world’s top ten managed security service providers, NTT Communications has a proven track record of cultivating strategic partnerships with leading innovators from the cyber security industry.

Summarizing his motivation for partnering with FireEye, Takeuchi concluded, “One key quality worth highlighting about FireEye is how reliable and trustworthy its team members are: These are some of the most important factors to consider for anyone looking for a cyber security services partner.”

NTT Communications

NTT Communications

Industry: Information Technology

Tokyo, Japan-headquartered NTT Communications Corporation has provided a full portfolio of end-to- end information and communications technology infrastructure services for more than 10,000 enterprise clients since its founding in 1999.


  • Improves detection of sophisticated attacks with behavior-based malware analysis
  • Minimizes exposure to weaponized emails by monitoring cloud gateway traffic
  • Delivers 24/7 worldwide visibility across infrastructure
  • Creates secure foundation for building further innovative services