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FireEye provides medical center with cost-effective, intuitive threat protection for a wide array of devices

Information security is critical to the medical center, and like all medical institutions, it is subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, designed to safeguard patient privacy. Jack Weiner, network engineer at Rush Copley, commented, "We need to be doubly sure that all of our patient data is completely secure; we want to uphold every patient’s right to privacy and the penalties are very harsh if there’s a breach."

Seeking alternatives

Rush Copley began looking for a more robust and integrated security solution when it became clear that sophisticated malware was increasingly targeting healthcare organizations. The medical center was using a combination of well- respected products for traditional firewall, anti-virus, and web filtering. "At one time, data generated by the tools indicated that we were being attacked but the alerts turned out to be false positives. However, we used this as a driver to investigate additional security options," Weiner noted.


Discover how FireEye pays for itself in terms of security and time management

“The ability to find zero-day attacks, and threats exploiting vulnerabilities that our application software vendors didn’t even know existed, has more than proved we made the right decision to deploy FireEye.”

- Jack Weiner, Network Engineer, Rush Copley Medical Center

Turning to FireEye

Weiner and his team reviewed a number of solutions from a variety of vendors and quickly determined that FireEye best met the medical center’s needs. The organization installed FireEye Network Security to uncover and block both known and unknown incoming threats, including attacks that evade traditional signature and policy-based defenses. Weiner pointed out, "One of the attractions of FireEye was the quality of the alerts: They’re actionable and renowned across the industry for their accuracy. We were also impressed by the ease of implementation and use; it’s very much plug-and-play."

Knowing that the medical center can turn to the FireEye support organization whenever his team needs has given Weiner peace of mind. "The FireEye experts that we’ve worked with have all been top-notch: They know the products and they know our environment, and they understand the language of healthcare," he remarked.

Accurate, useful information

Weiner appreciates the comprehensive nature of the protection provided by FireEye; he commented, "The ability to find zero-day attacks, and threats exploiting vulnerabilities that our application software vendors didn’t even know existed, has more than proved we made the right decision to deploy FireEye."

It has enabled Weiner and his staff to respond to threats without anxiety. "One of the key things is that we have the FireEye solution configured in-line, in blocking mode. If we get a critical alert it is immediately blocked. I know that I can send a technician up to the affected device to investigate but I don’t have to have him running through the halls," Weiner chuckled.

Scalable and cost-effective

Scalability is an essential factor for Rush Copley; it has recently purchased a number of smaller practices, all of which have to be brought into the medical center’s secure infrastructure. Weiner’s goal is to onboard new acquisitions as soon as possible and have FireEye Network Security examine all network traffic to eliminate external points of failure.

Rush Copley is enjoying the cost- effectiveness of the FireEye solutions. "FireEye Network Security definitely pays for itself both in terms of security and time management. In terms of effort; it runs in the background 24/7, and when we do get actionable intelligence we definitely pay attention. We no longer have to chase false positives. Other than that, every few months I do an update, that’s all!" Weiner emphasized.

When it comes to the annual justification for the security budget for the FireEye solutions, Weiner recounted, "Rush Copley management has never questioned the FireEye line item; they understand and appreciate the value it delivers."

He concluded, "If someone were to say to me ‘What makes you think you’re an expert?’, my reply would be, ‘The physicist Niels Bohr once said that an expert is a person who has made every possible mistake in a very narrow field. I have not yet made every possible mistake in my field, so I’m not an expert: I’m simply a guy who’s trying to get his job done, and FireEye is key to me accomplishing it."

Rush Copley Medical Center

Rush Copley

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  • Accuracy of alerts provides expediency and efficiency
  • Scalability supports ambitious expansion
  • Ability to accommodate wide range of devices
  • Low administrative and operational overview

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