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Global risk assessment firm partners with FireEye for integrated threat protection

The world of big-data analytics is an increasingly attractive target for hackers. Bob Gough, Verisk's manager of security operations, stated, "Keeping up with what's going on globally is very hard because the world is changing constantly – that’s the only constant; there’s continuous change – and my team is relatively small so we don’t have much time to stay abreast of the latest threat actors."

Responsible for the management of security solutions and for reporting to management on the latest vulnerabilities, Gough oversees the security of the infrastructure that spans over 40,000 endpoints including servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

When Verisk's executives wanted to upgrade the company's standard of cyber threat protection, Gough carefully investigated the various options. On narrowing down the list of candidates, a proof-of-concept was conducted with FireEye and a competing offering. He recounted, "It was clear that FireEye had the comprehensive solution we needed – from network to endpoints – while there were gaps in the competitor’s offerings."


Data analytics powerhouse protects extensive global infrastructure with FireEye

“With the solutions and services we utilize, we have comprehensive protection. FireEye is not just a vendor, it’s a partner and that’s critically important to us.”

- Bob Gough, Manager of Security Operations, Verisk Analytics

An Integrated, Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions

Gough's team deployed FireEye Network Security to identify and block threats across the infrastructure and FireEye Endpoint Security to monitor and protect the numerous devices connecting into the Verisk network. He observed, "With FireEye Network Security we block a lot of attempts coming in, and that combined with FireEye Endpoint Security gives us the capability to pick up the forensics and get suspicious devices off the network before anything can go sideways; we have a very good success rate to date."

With a small team that's stretched widely, Gough takes full advantage of leveraging data from FireEye iSIGHT – the Fusion and Vulnerability subscription services – to give Verisk the latest threat intelligence. "The information provides context and priority for global threats and guidance on which ones we need to pay attention to," he noted. "The support is great, the team always follows up well: In fact, there have been a few times when we’ve lagged in our responses and they’ve proactively chased us, which I love!"

A Partner, Not Simply a Vendor

FireEye combines to help make Gough’s job easier and less stressful. "In my role, FireEye provides me with a level of comfort. We’re a very dispersed organization and FireEye Network Security and Endpoint Security help assure me that the users are safe on our network," he commented. "The suite from FireEye is an ecosystem; the solutions all work seamlessly with one another. It’s fantastic."

He continued, "If somebody is patient zero on the other side of the world and FireEye gets wind of it, you know within a very little amount of time the entire FireEye ecosystem is being covered."

The return on investment that FireEye provide Verisk are important to the executive team, so each month Gough produces a metrics report. "I take the data captured by FireEye Network Security and FireEye Endpoint Security and assess the blocked threats’ potential impact, based on the FireEye iSIGHT predictive information, and export charts that clearly show the cost avoidance by having invested in our FireEye solutions," he explained.

Gough has a high regard for his company’s relationship with FireEye, he summarized, "With the solutions and services we utilize, we have comprehensive protection. FireEye is not just a vendor, it’s a partner and that’s critically important to us."

Verisk Analytics

Verisk Analytics

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  • Comprehensive threat detection and blocking across the entire infrastructure
  • Timely and focused intelligence maximize effectiveness of security operations team
  • World class security experts able to instantly investigate suspicious activities