Vertafore capitalizes on FireEye’s continuous innovation

At Vertafore, customer success drives everything. Development of Vertafore’s insurance software solutions is defined by the motto, “They count on you. You can count on us.” and driven by a continual focus on operational excellence. The person tasked with enabling and protecting Vertafore’s service commitments and business interests is Dr. Adrian M. Mayers, the company’s senior director of information security.

Dr. Mayers is a passionate proponent of holistic approaches to cyber security that align the practice with business objectives and processes. “A well-structured security program working in conjunction with the business enables teams to focus on core operating priorities and maintain constant pursuit of the company’s mission,” shared Dr. Mayers. “If you’re thinking about security in the right way, it’s actually an accelerator that moves business even faster.”

For Vertafore, a comprehensive, effective security program had to embrace the company’s hybrid cloud strategy, based on a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dr. Mayers explained, “Our customers constantly expect new functionality from our software; leveraging cloud platforms gives us the most flexibility to deliver the right features and value back to our customer base.”


Vertafore leverages FireEye expertise, technology, and intelligence for success

“FireEye is consistently innovating and enhancing its technologies to address the constantly changing threat landscape. Every update irrefutably demonstrates an understanding of how malware is evolving around the world.”

- Dr. Adrian M. Mayers, Senior Director of Information Security, Vertafore

To bolster defenses, Dr. Mayers wanted to ensure a higher level of efficacy for Vertafore’s endpoint protection. “We wanted a dynamic endpoint technology that could understand how ‘net new’ malware and associated heuristics were changing,” recounted Dr. Mayers. He specifically focused on leveraging a solution that used artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and analyze signature-less malware.

He also emphasized the importance of being able to develop a strategic partnership with a cyber security provider, valuing a provider’s willingness to understand Vertafore’s goals and demonstrate a commitment to build a relationship with the company as key criteria in a partnership.

FireEye: A Strategic Partner

Referencing the success of a previous project with FireEye that combined the experience of working with consultative subject matter experts and cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Mayers identified FireEye Endpoint Security as an ideal addition to Vertafore’s security stance.

FireEye Endpoint Security monitors traffic across Vertafore’s infrastructure, isolating and analyzing suspicious activity to formulate an appropriate response if mitigation is deemed necessary. MalwareGuard — the advanced machine learning-based detection and prevention engine in FireEye Endpoint Security — ensures the solution can prevent both known and never-before-seen cyber threats from gaining a foothold in Vertafore’s environment.

Vertafore deployed FireEye Endpoint Security in the cloud to leverage the solution’s threat detection ability across the company’s hybrid environment. Dr. Mayers noted, “The ability to deploy FireEye Endpoint Security in the cloud was key for us. Our cloud-based architecture enables us to stay versatile, agile and flexible. It’s how we efficiently deliver what our customers expect from us.”



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Founded in 1969, Vertafore is a leader in modern insurance technology; innovating services and software solutions to connect every point of the industry’s distribution channel. Vertafore supports 20,000 agencies and 1,000 carriers, representing 500,000 insurance professionals worldwide. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Vertafore has a global workforce of more than 1,500 employees.


  • Consistently updated technology adapts defenses to evolving threat landscape
  • Machine learning enables detection of emerging, signature-less malware
  • On-call data forensics experts prepare environment for breach remediation at any moment

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Ever-Evolving Technology Complemented by Reliable Support

Vertafore’s internal technical staff collaborated with FireEye Endpoint Security engineers to execute the cloud deployment using the company’s scheduled maintenance windows. In just three weeks, the team tested, propagated, configured and implemented 5,000 endpoints.

“I was amazed with how much we accomplished in a very limited time frame; it was a seamless, easy experience. When we went into enforcement mode, we did an assessment and discovered FireEye Endpoint Security was creating alerts and stopping way more threats than we expected. The fact that the solution worked exactly as promised was refreshing because not every piece of technology you purchase delivers as advertised,” admitted Dr. Mayers.

He continued, “FireEye Endpoint Security delivered a higher level of endpoint protection efficacy, giving us a high level of assurance that we’re securing both our customers’ interests and our own.”

Since integrating FireEye into Vertafore’s security stack, Dr. Mayers has been impressed with the continuous evolution of the company’s solutions. “FireEye is consistently innovating and enhancing its technologies to address the constantly changing threat landscape. Every update irrefutably demonstrates an understanding of how malware is evolving around the world.”

Our account management team stays in constant communication about developments, ensuring we’re aware of solution roadmaps and upcoming resources for our environment,” remarked Dr. Mayers.

A Cyber Security Partner that Listens

Dr. Mayers believes that a truly effective, sustainable cyber security program relies on people, process and technology working together harmoniously. Seeing the synergy between his vision of a thriving cyber security program and FireEye’s inherent values has further reaffirmed Mayers’ confidence in his choice of FireEye as a strategic partner.

Summarizing Vertafore’s experience, Dr. Mayers concluded, “FireEye’s emphasis on relationships is absolutely critical. FireEye is a company that truly understands how to listen, and that having conversations with customers is integral to helping us defend and protect our interests. The ability to underpin that with great technology, expertise and intelligence is everything.”