Detect and Prevent

Stop the threats other companies miss

Vision is more than what you see. It’s noticing the dangers and possibilities others don’t: looking past what is to what might be. It’s why Frost & Sullivan recognizes FireEye as the undisputed market leader in sandbox-based cyber security.

Traditional security solutions cannot provide you with advanced persistent threat protection you need to keep your critical assets safe. As the cyber security threat landscape continues to evolve, you need intelligence, expertise and advanced detection technology  to improve your security posture. FireEye is matchless in its ability to provide faster and more accurate detection and protection against known and unknown threats.


"FireEye allows us to catch things earlier. It also gives us a level of visibility and sophistication that makes the entire defense-in-depth structure far more reliable and resilient."

- Gene Fredriksen, CISO, PSCU

For detection and prevention, time is of the essence

Real-time protection

Discover and stop threats across your network.

Our technology conducts over 14+ million analyses per hour to generate validated, high-fidelity alerts with context for rapid response and remediation.

Unmatched intelligence

Build your proactive defense on deep intelligence about threats and attackers.

Continually adapt your security operation using data collected from 5,000+ customers and 1,000+ FireEye security experts across 67 countries.

Time well spent

Avoid busywork to accelerate real cyber security work.

Your security team doesn’t need to manually spend the typical 157 minutes to uncover an attack that matters. We do it automatically in 4 minutes, and give you enough context to respond.

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Stop threats smarter and faster with world-leading intelligence-led technology

  • Email Security Detects threats like ransomware, phishing, and other malicious links and attachments.
  • Endpoint Security Provides threat and exploit detection capabilities to your network-connected devices.
  • Content Security Helps prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks by scanning file content for signs of malicious threats.

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FireEye as a Service

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Improve detection, investigation and response time to minimize the impact of a breach.

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Assess and Prepare

Assess & Prepare

Plan for risks that other companies never consider

Detect and Prevent

Detect & Prevent

Stop the threats other companies miss

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Analyze & Respond

Root out attackers other companies cannot eradicate

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