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We provide solutions that enable every security team in the world to easily augment and automate our intelligence and expertise into their environment, regardless of the controls they have deployed.

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The cyber security landscape continues to grow in complexity as adversaries become increasingly more sophisticated and rapidly morph their tactics. To outmaneuver motivated attackers, organizations need timely and relevant threat intelligence powered by continuous security validation technology.

Enter Mandiant. We provide you with ongoing proof of cybersecurity effectiveness by enabling you to continuously validate that the people, processes, and technology you have in place will protect your organization from cyber threats. We do this by combining the world’s leading Threat Intelligence and front-line incident response data, backed by unparalleled expertise with continuous security validation. In a nutshell, we arm organizations with the tools needed to increase security effectiveness and reduce business risk.

Four Pillars of Mandiant

At Mandiant, we understand that you are inundated with threat data, challenged by the cyber security skills shortage, and in need of reliable information that can help you prioritize what’s important. That is why we have brought the power of our expertise together under one, easy to access group.

Threat Intelligence

Take decisive action with frontline intelligence

Empower your team with frontline intelligence to understand and proactively protect against the latest relevant threats facing your organization.

Security Validation

Know the true measure of your security

Validate and measure the effectiveness of your cyber security controls to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.

Consulting Services

Maximize effectiveness through unparalleled expertise

Leverage the experience and knowledge of frontline cyber security experts to assess, fortify and transform your security program.

Managed Defense

Leverage the full power of FireEye

Apply frontline knowledge of the attacker and proven hunting methodologies to detect and respond to covert activity.

Four Pillars of Mandiant

Threat Intelligence

Take decisive action with frontline intelligence.

Security Validation

Know the true measure of your security.

Consulting Services

Maximize effectiveness through unparalleled expertise.

Managed Defense

Protect and defend with frontline experts.


Strategic Partnership

Microsoft and Mandiant Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

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Get peace of mind about your organization's ability to securely maintain uninterrupted business operations despite the evolving threat landscape - before, during and after an incident.

Since 2004, Mandiant helps organizations remediate cyber breaches and close cyber security gaps to protect critical business assets and mature security programs to reduce overall risk.

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