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Gartner Report: Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response

To date, SIEMs and SOARs have underdelivered on their promises, leaving security and risk managers struggling with too many disparate security tools and high alert volumes. Extended detection and response (XDR) products improve detection and response activity by centralizing security tools and using machine learning to reduce false positives and reveal alerts that matter.

The latest report by Gartner highlights XDR solutions to optimize SOC productivity and close the cyber security skills gap. XDR is in the early stages of adoption and capabilities vary across vendors. Some vendors require a ‘rip and replace’ of all existing security tools, while others can flexibly integrate tools from multiple vendors into a centralized SaaS platform to save organizations time and money.

To learn more about XDR, download your complimentary copy of the Gartner report “Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response.” You’ll gain insight into:

  • The requirements of an XDR solution
  • The primary functions of XDR
  • The advantages of XDR
  • How XDR improves security defenses and productivity
  • How to evaluate XDR vendors

“Extended detection and response (XDR) products are beginning to have real value in improving security operations productivity with alert and incident correlation, as well as built-in automation.”

- Gartner, Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response

*Gartner, Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response, Refreshed 8 April 2021
Published 19 March 2020, Peter Firstbrook and Craig Lawson

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