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Mandiant Automated Defense combines pre-built data science models with our breach intelligence and data from your multi-vendor security stack to investigate security alerts at machine speed.

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Investigate threats that matter

Triage alerts and events automatically to diagnose potential incidents in real-time with data science and machine learning powered by Mandiant investigator expertise and threat intelligence delivered through the Mandiant Intel Grid.

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Simplify security operations

Delivers detection and response capabilities at scale without the need to write rules or playbooks.

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Unify your security data

Weaves together alerts and data from the widest variety of security control categories, data repositories and threat intelligence vendors to determine the likelihood of malicious and actionable threats.

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Mandiant Automated Defense helps you find real incidents fast

Automated Defense uses decision automation to correlate events from your security data and threat intelligence to enrich incidents for escalation and remediation. Prioritizes the real and relevant threats by increasing scalability, consistency and accuracy of detection capabilities.

Why Today:

  • Reduce False Positives
  • Improve Visibility
  • Save Time
  • Close the Skills Gap

"Mandiant Automated Defense covers Levels 1 and 2 alerts and can take actions based on a playbook and escalate only those that need personal attention, so our personnel only look at those qualified alerts, determine whether they are valid or a false positive, and provide feedback into the Mandiant Automated Defense tooling. The automated nature of this solution helps reduce alert fatigue and frees analysts up to work on other tasks."

Eric Adams
CISO Kyriba

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