Mandiant Consulting

Incident Response

Tackle breaches confidently

Mandiant Intelligence experts can help you build your incident response capabilities, respond to active breaches, bolster your security operations to detect and respond to attacks so you can reduce the risk breaches pose to your organization.

  • Hunt for active attacks
  • Stop a breach and perform analysis
  • Execute crisis management
  • Recover business operations

Incident response highlights


Compromise Assessment

Identify ongoing and past attacker activity in your environment while improving your ability to respond effectively to future threats.

Response Readiness Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s ability to effectively detect, respond to and contain advanced attackers and business-impacting malware, such as ransomware.

Incident Response

Activate the best-in-business experts to complete in-depth attack analysis, perform crisis management over response timeline, and recover business operations after a breach.

Incident Response Retainer

Retain Mandiant intelligence experts with various SLA options to enable faster and more effective response to cyber incidents.

Case studies


Case Study

Tales from the Trenches:
Ransom Insured

See how Mandiant assisted a highly populated North American city with the immediate investigation and remediation of a ransomware attack.

Case Study

Modern Ransomware and Incident Response Solutions

See how a large insurance company activated their Incident Response Retainer after being warned by the FBI about a targeted attack.