Mandiant Consulting

Strategic Readiness

Increase resilience in the face of risk

Transform security capabilities to effectively outmaneuver today’s threat actors and enable operations to provide resilience against future compromise.

  • Prepare for a breach
  • Execute security due diligence
  • Strengthen cyber defense operations
  • Enable your team to apply intelligence

Strategic readiness highlights


Cyber Defense Operations

Extend your cyber security operations team with dedicated Mandiant intelligence experts to modernize your security operations capabilities.

Risk Management

Evaluate your cyber risk exposure for effective decision-making and risk mitigation by identifying risks most relevant to your organization and understanding the potential harm they pose to your business.

Security Due Diligence

Execute security due diligence on acquisitions, supply chain, and third-party integrations to uncover risks beyond your reach.

Cyber Security Training

Mature your organizations capabilities through education and exercises to enhance your team’s ability to respond to real-world cyber attacks.

What people
are saying


“The quality and comprehensiveness of the FireEye plan, combined with continuous guidance, ongoing customizations and hands-on implementation support enabled the rapid realization of meaningful improvements to our worldwide cyber defense capabilities.”
SOC Spokesperson

SOC Spokesperson

Global Health Services Provider

Customer Story

Multinational Energy Company Accelerates Security Transformation to Minimize Exposure

See how the Mandiant Cyber Defense Operations team improved alerting priorities and fully integrated response playbooks into a customer’s processes.

Customer Story

Global Healthcare Giant Expedites SOC Merger to Enhance Worldwide Security Posture

See how Mandiant helped one of the biggest global health service provider consolidate SOC enhancement initiatives for SOC blueprint and playbook development.