Mandiant Consulting

Technical Assurance

Battle-test your security

See how well your security program performs under pressure with active attacks against critical assets to harden systems and operations.

  • Test against active attacks
  • Assess your entire attack surface
  • Harden controls against APTs
  • Protect critical assets

Technical assurance highlights


Red Team Assessment

Test your controls against the latest attack scenarios aligned with intelligence-based ethical red-teaming frameworks to find flaws before attackers do.

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Strengthen your cloud security by applying proven hardening techniques for the most popular cloud-based assets including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Managed Security Validation

Continuously and safely validate the effectiveness of security controls against authentic and active attack behaviors and malware. Capture evidence to prove security controls are protecting the environment; demonstrate competency; and rationalize security investments.

Penetration Testing

Systematically test the defenses protecting your most critical assets to pinpoint and reduce vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security systems.

Remote Security Assessment

Evaluate your distributed security infrastructure and the security posture of your endpoints to reduce the risk of incidents stemming from the assets enabling remote work.

Case studies


Case Study

International Retailer Bolsters Security Operations with Red Team Assessment

See how the retailer engaged a Mandiant Red Team Assessment to objectively evaluate their detection and response capabilities against targeted attacks.

Case Study

Global Manufacturer Addresses Potential Gaps in Security Posture

See how this customer engaged the FireEye Mandiant Cyber Defense Operations team to develop a series of highly detailed use cases that would be used in the SIEM to elevate its detection and response capabilities.