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7 Reasons to have FireEye Mandiant on Speed Dial

Investigative Expertise

1. Investigative Expertise

Mandiant is the global leader in cyber incident response with over 15 years of experience honed on the front lines of today’s headline-breaking breaches. From cyber espionage to crippling network attacks, Mandiant has the know-how to quickly identify what was compromised, assess the pathway to attack and remediate the breach so you can resume regular business activities.

2. Speed and Scale

Speed of response and analysis is critical to containing an incident and limiting damage. Whether you are a small firm with few endpoints or a global enterprise with 100,000 endpoints, Mandiant experts can start work within hours and rapidly analyze your entire network for signs of malicious activity. Trust Mandiant for fast response, containment and remediation.

Speed and Scale
World Class Threat Intelligence

3. World Class Threat Intel

Mandiant leverages FireEye's full threat intelligence capability, derived from FireEye Threat Intelligence, past Mandiant investigations and thousands of FireEye appliances deployed globally. Superior knowledge of the threat actor’s methods and motivation enables Mandiant to more quickly remediate the attack and better predict future activity.

4. Custom Technology Options

Mandiant uses FireEye endpoint technology, network sensors, analytics platforms, and more. All can be deployed on-premise or via the cloud, depending on the needs of your investigation. Save time and money using only the technology you need with the speed and convenience of cloud accessibility. These technologies provide real-time visibility and response, no matter the scale of your environment.

Custom Technology Options
Global Footprint

5. Global Footprint

Dedicated Mandiant incident responders in 20+ countries worldwide provide a firsthand understanding of local cultures and laws as well as greater fluency in the native language. In-region experts bring greater regional context as well as rapid response to your on-site security needs.

6. Crisis Management Expertise

Comprehensive incident response extends beyond investigation and containment. Mandiant incident responders also advise clients on executive and internal communications and public relations so that you, not the media, control the public narrative. Trust Mandiant to help you navigate the media landscape.

Crisis Management Expertise
Expert Staff & Innovation Research

7. Expert Staff & Innovation Research

With over a dozen publications, the Mandiant team has literally written the book on incident response. Whether discovering new forensic artifacts, exploring new detection mechanisms or identifying new threat actors, Mandiant is constantly pioneering the cyber security industry with leading research and innovation..

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