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Security Program Assessment

Improve your security posture by evaluating your information security program

The Security Program Assessment draws on our collective expertise to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to improve your security posture, reduce risk, and mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Is Your Organization Secure?

Step inside the mind of a CISO and discover the 8 areas of greatest security concern. (Video 2:31)


The Security Program Assessment starts with the latest industry standards. It then incorporates the deep experience and knowledge gained from responding to hundreds of computer security incidents to generate high-quality recommendations across 10 critical security domains. During the Security Program Assessment, our consultants perform interviews, collect evidence and review artifacts. At the same time, they facilitate workshops to ensure future improvements can be understood and successfully implemented by your team.

Executive threat briefing

Executive threat briefing

Our intelligence analysts provide a summary of findings and recommendations that includes a threat intelligence report based on current observed attacker trends in your industry.

Threat detection report

Threat detection report

Our consultants compare your company's event logs to our proprietary Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) library to identify malicious activity. We provide a detailed report that includes a findings summary with insights into relevant threat actor profiles.

Observations and gap analysis

Observations and gap analysis

Using an industry framework as a benchmark, we identify domains that require further development. We also provide a maturity plan for each domain to strengthen your security posture.

Security program roadmap and recommendations

Security program roadmap and recommendations

This strategic and tactical action plan provides recommendations on sequence and prioritization to improve effectiveness across one or more of the 10 critical security domains.


“The best-case scenario when experiencing a disruptive attack is that you are well prepared and able to minimize the damage.”

- M-Trends

Our Approach

The Security Program Assessment evaluates your information security program’s overall effectiveness across 10 distinct security domains. At the end of the engagement, you receive a defined roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term improvement initiatives for your organization.

Documentation collection and analysis

Our consultants review existing polices, standards, and procedures to gain an in-depth understanding of your current operational capabilities, existing technology, and the business environment.

Interactive workshops and executive meetings

Our experts will assess your organization’s maturity levels and compare the information we gather to best practices and industry standards so we can identify your organization’s short-term and long-term goals.

Recommendations and roadmap

We perform in-depth evaluation of the data collected during the assessment and provide detailed recommendations and an actionable implementation roadmap to support the achievement of your organization’s immediate and future goals.

What you get

  • Executive briefing 
  • Observations and recommendations
  • Actionable improvement plan
  • Security program roadmap
  • Network health check

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