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Mandiant Security Validation

Don't settle for simulation when emulation is what you need

Mandiant Security Validation Overview

On average, 53% of attacks occur undetected and only 9% of alerts are correlated by SIEMS

Know the true measure of your cyber security management tools on a daily basis.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Security Validation assists in identifying gaps in detection coverage and areas of redundancy to provide specific areas of improvement including potential savings across your security controls.

Prove Effectiveness

Prove Effectiveness

Security Validation provides ongoing proof of the effectiveness of your security posture across people, process and technology, giving you the evidence you need to communicate across the business.

Optimize Security

Optimize Security

Security Validation provides continuous monitoring and alerting on any unexpected changes in your underlying infrastructure that may impact the performance of your security.

Strategically manage your cyber security risk with Security Validation

Security Validation provides you with the evidence to manage and report on your organization’s systemic cyber security risk.

We arm you with the ability to optimize your spend on your security stack by testing your configurations with real attacks, not simulations, in the production environment to pinpoint which systems or tools are leaving assets at risk. We proactively identify configuration issues and expose the gaps across your people, process, and technology.

Mandiant Security Validation
Mandiant Security Validation

Security Validation delivers evidence to prove the value of security investments

Everyone involved in cyber security management - from SOC to the CISO to the board room - is being asked to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of security investments across people, process, and technology. Until now, there has been no measurable way to evaluate risk and the effectiveness of cyber security programs.




Uses the latest global threat intelligence & adversary visibility.



Emulates real attack binaries, deploying a safe execution of destructive malware and ransomware.

Live Fire

Live Fire

Executes real attacks across the full attack kill chain with deep and comprehensive integrations with the entire security infrastructure.



Automates the monitoring and remediation of IT environmental drift.

Discover more compelling reasons for Security Validation by taking a deep dive into cyber reality.

Read the 2020 Security Effectiveness Report today.


What's really at stake?

If I choose Security Validation

  • Proof of overall competency
  • Truest testing and analysis of security investment
  • Proof of segmentation and exposure to lateral attacks
  • Testing for both destructive & non-destructive attack models
  • Full controls optimization and SIEM tuning
  • Validating alert outcomes, addressing alert fatigue
  • Assessment of resource skill and detection capability
  • Evidence of ROI and re-coup of investment
  • Cost saving opportunity
  • Rich knowledge of actors, TTPs and active malware / ransomware affecting libraries

If I settle for Breach Attack Simulation (BAS)

  • False sense of security, simulated testing tactics are unreliable and do not test destructive attacks
  • Potential wasted investment based on unreliable simulation results
  • Gap in visibility, lacking ability to emulate real attacks across entire life cycle
  • Potential increase to cost and risk due to lack of visibility
  • No rationalization data for specific control analysis
  • Inability to expose duplication and gaps
  • Lack of genuine testing

Mandiant Security Validation

Take the tour and discover our approach to effective security

Take Security Validation to the next level

Generate proof that your controls are protecting critical assets

Security Validation empowers everyone, from CEOs, to CISOs and board members, to measure cyber security with data-driven, evidence-based data so that you can confidently report on your cyber security risk management.

Mandiant Security Validation

Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM)

Test your controls against real threat actors

Communicate Business Impact

Communicate Business Impact

By providing quantifiable data and the ability to translate technology information to business language, you can demonstrate accountability and proactive reporting on the status of your defense to executive leadership.

Active Cyber Threat Analysis

Active Cyber Threat Analysis

Identify the most relevant and impactful threats targeting your organization so that you can automatically test defenses with the same attack behaviors your potential adversaries use.

MITRE ATT&CK Dashboard

Test your system with real cyber attacks, not simulation.

Test against real attacks

Test against real attacks

Test your configurations with real cyber security attacks, not breach and attack simulations, in the production environment so that you can pinpoint which systems or security tools are leaving assets at risk.

Provide compelling evidence and reports

Provide compelling evidence and reports

Provide empiric reports that reveal exactly how people, process, and technology respond to a specific cyber threat ahead of time. Effectively display what the past incident report will look like before the actual incident occurs so that you can make educated investment decisions to improve cyber security risk management.

Hear it from our customers and start protecting your business-critical assets.

Learn how you can transform your cybersecurity from conceptual to validation based...
Check out our customer case studies and videos.

"CISO’s have struggled because there has not been a way to effectively understand and validate their cyber security controls are working as intended. Verodin’s technology solves this problem."

Former Chairman and CEO, RSA

"Before instrumentation, security was a vague concept. There was no actual way to produce data showing progress or showing improvement. Instrumentation has made a constant improvement to our people and processes."

SOC Manager, United American Life Insurance

"My security program’s effectiveness before Security Instrumentation was best guess. With Security Instrumentation, I can measure and report to executives how we are performing. It goes a tremendously long way with being able to show true value."

CISO, Leading Texas Healthcare Provider

2020 CRN Tech Innovator Award

Overall Infrastructure Security Solution Provider of 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough

Black Unicorn Award 2019 Cyber Defense Media Group

Most Innovative 2019 InfoSec

Editors Choice 2019 InfoSec

Open Innovation Award 2017 Barclay’s

Defense Innovation Award 2017 TechConnect

First Place Chicago 2017 Security Shark Tank

First Place NYC 2017 Security Shark Tank

First Place Palo Alto 2017 Security Shark Tank

Security Innovation Award 2017 Sinet 16

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