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Security Validation

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Mandiant Security Validation helps you gain confidence in your security posture through continuous testing of security controls effectiveness against the threats that matter most.

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Prove the value of security.

Mandiant Security Validation delivers quantifiable data that proves the value of security investments while minimizing risk.

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Prioritize resources.

Mandiant’s intelligence-led security validation arms you with the ability to prioritize resources against the threats that matter most.

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Protect against changes in IT.

Mandiant Security Validation continuously monitors the IT environment to maintain security infrastructure health as changes occur.

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Know the true measure of your security with Mandiant.

Mandiant Security Validation continuously assesses how security controls behave during an attack. Executed across the full attack lifecycle, the solution provides evidence of controls effectiveness and identifies how to prioritize resources and optimize performance.

The Mandiant Security Validation Difference:

  • Real attacks, not simulations
  • Threat actor-based prioritization
  • Automated monitoring of IT environment
  • Complete attack lifecycle visibility
  • Safe execution of destructive attacks