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Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

An intelligent path to more effective security

Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

Choose the level and depth of intelligence, integration and enablement your security program needs.

Fusion Intelligence

  • Comprehensive package that includes Operational, Cyber Crime and Cyber Espionage intelligence offerings
  • Use understanding of full attack lifecycle to prepare your defenses against the TTPs of the threat actors of interest

Strategic Intelligence

  • Learn how to align your security resources against the most likely threats and actors
  • Manage business and technical risks around major business decisions and security resource planning

Operational Intelligence

  • Prioritize and add context to your alerts in order to respond more effectively and efficiently
  • Improve defenses with high fidelity machine-readable indicators of compromise (IOCs) with associated contextual information

Vulnerability Intelligence

  • Prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant threats to the organization
  • Understand the options for patching or otherwise mitigating these vulnerabilities

Cyber Physical Intelligence

  • Actionable insights into cyber threats and risks facing industrial environments and operational technology (OT)
  • Includes all FireEye OT- and industrial control systems (ICS)-focused intelligence

Cyber Crime Intelligence

  • Understand the threat actors who focus on financial crime — who they target, how they attack and what motivates them
  • Gain analysis of fraud activity, credential collection, underground marketplaces and enabling infrastructure

Cyber Espionage Intelligence

  • Facilitates the understanding of adversaries that target corporate and government entities for strategic advantage
  • Leverage insight into the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of tracked threat actor groups to better defend your organization

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FireEye named leader in The Forrester New Wave™:
External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018

“Mandiant Threat Intelligence services help extend threat communications to stakeholders across the entire organization for efficient response to cyber threats.”

Mandiant Threat Intelligence enablement and support

FireEye offers three different levels of enablement and support
to ensure your success and optimize the value of your intelligence investment.


Introduces you to the basic materials and processes required to use the Intelligence portal, interact with the Customer Support Desk, and configure the Intelligence API into your organization.


In addition to the Baseline enablement steps, this level of support provides access to Mandiant's Threat Intelligence analysts as well as a designated Intelligence Enablement Manager. The IEM is the primary point of contact for the customer who acts as a trusted advisor and liaison for all Mandiant Threat Intelligence matters.


In addition to the Baseline and Coordination entitlements, a designated Intelligence Optimization Analyst will work to address your unique security concerns, including deep dives on existing intelligence reports, managing your threat profile, and delivering focused threat briefs.

Advanced Intelligence Access

  • Enables the creation of tailored intelligence by leveraging FireEye and Mandiant’s global visibility, intelligence, and insights.
  • Extends your team through a dedicated analyst who can develop customer-specific research and analysis.
  • Includes threat intelligence and information security expertise to reveal meaningful insights.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence features

Our intelligence experts work around the globe and around the clock
to deliver the most comprehensive, contextually rich, actionable intelligence.

Worldwide Intelligence Organization

Worldwide Intelligence Organization

Provide adversarial insight with hundreds of in-theater intelligence researchers across 23 countries speaking over 30 native and local languages.

Mandiant Intelligence Portal

Mandiant Intelligence Portal

Online access to Mandiant intelligence reports as well as intel on actors, industries, regions and malware.

Analyst Access

Clarify and deepen your understanding of actors and threat intelligence and how it applies to you.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Allows anyone in your organization to benefit from Mandiant Threat Intelligence without you having to pay an additional price.

Intelligence Jumpstart Workshop

Elective interactive workshop designed to effectively integrate threat intelligence into your security operations.

Browser Plugin

Gain instant access to high-fidelity cyber
threat intelligence. For Chrome or Firefox.

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Intelligence API

FireEye Intelligence API enables you to integrate the world's best cyber threat intelligence into your existing security and risk management processes and technologies.

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