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Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite

Advance your journey to intelligence-led security

What is the Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite?

Threat Intelligence Suite provides incremental tiers of bundled offerings from the Threat Intelligence portfolio, designed to meet and advance organizations’ journey to intelligence-led security.

Threat Intelligence Suite provides the most popular offerings from the Threat Intelligence portfolio in incremental tiers, each with different price points. Select the tier most appropriate to today’s program needs, and easily upgrade as your intelligence needs evolve.

Just getting started with threat intelligence

  • Should I be concerned about threats hitting the media?
  • How do I gain Dark Web piece of mind?
  • Can I reduce alert noise using data feeds?
  • What vulnerabilities are most pressing?
  • What about my peers?

Focused on maximizing operational value


  • How can I improve detection capabilities and obtain severity ratings?
  • How do I prioritize vulnerabilities within my environment?
  • How can I gain contextual information on threats?
  • How do I improve the effectiveness of my security controls?

Building an intelligence-led security program


  • Which program investments will yield the best ROI?
  • What should I hunt for?
  • How can I accelerate incident response?
  • How can I automate remediation?

Leverage industry-leading intelligence capabilities

Industry-recognized intelligence research

Gain adversarial insight from hundreds of in-theater intelligence researchers across 23 countries speaking over 30 native and local languages.

Keep pace with the threat landscape

Maintain situational awareness via daily new analysis, as well as weekly executive and quarterly threat briefings.

Digital Threat Monitoring

Defend against the risks that threaten your brand, infrastructure, and high-value partnerships.

Enablement Services

Learn how to use the portal and configure the APIs.

Threat Intelligence Subscriptions

Choose the intelligence subscriptions relevant to your security program needs.

Indicators of Compromise

Leverage our API to integrate our IOCs into your existing security technologies.

Request Analyst Insight

Clarify and deepen your understanding of actors and threat intelligence and how it applies to you.

Browser Plugin

Gain instant access to high-fidelity cyber threat intelligence using Chrome or Firefox.

Find the Threat Intelligence plan that’s right for you

Intelligence Suite Subscriptions Standard Advanced Enterprise
News Analysis
A daily email that tracks current security stories being covered by the media to give you a detailed understanding of the security landscape.
Yes Yes Yes
Analysis Tools
Customers use these online, intelligence-linked utilities to inquire about specific domain names, IP addresses and threats, and upload suspect files for analysis.
Yes Yes Yes
Intel quarterly Briefing
 A Quarterly briefing around threats and trends observed by Mandiant Threat Intelligence during the previous quarter.
Yes Yes Yes
Executive Intelligence Briefing
Mandiant Intelligence Briefings tailored to executives.
No Yes Yes
Intel Browser Plug In
Expands the technical integration of Mandiant Threat Intelligence to any web page you access.
Yes Yes  Yes
API Enabled
This machine-to-machine integration point enables you to use Mandiant intelligence and our high-efficacy IOCs within your security and network operations, vulnerability management and incident response systems.
Yes Yes Yes
Indicators of Compromise
A direct feed of Mandiant Threat Intelligence to enhance customer detection and response technologies.
All Indicators All Indicators All Indicators
Analyst Access Requests
Access to Mandiant Threat and Technical Intelligence analysts for a clearer and deeper understanding of actors, attacks, and risks.
4 8 16
Digital Threat Monitoring
Keyword-driven threat alerting and protection across your digital footprint.
(API included)
(API included)
(API included)
Enablement Services
Learn how to use the portal and configure the API.  
Onboarding Services Onboarding Services Onboarding Services
Threat Intelligence Subscriptions
In-depth threat intelligence analysis and reporting on various facets of the cyber threat landscape. 
Weekly Vulnerability Exploitation Reports
Industry Intelligence Quarterly Reports
Operational Intelligence
Vulnerability Intelligence
Fusion Intelligence
Cyber Espionage Intelligence
Cyber Crime Intelligence
Cyber Physical Intelligence
Operational Intelligence
Strategic Intelligence
Vulnerability Intelligence

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