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Effective Email Security is Essential

Ninety-one percent of cyber crimes start with an email1. Truth is, your current email security solution isn’t working. Criminals have become more sophisticated, and more devious, using email to breach your organization with a variety of advanced attacks, including ransomware, sender impersonation fraud and credential harvesting.

FireEye delivers email security that really works.

FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) is different from traditional email security. It is a complete, cloud-based email security solution that delivers automatic, real-time protection from targeted spear-phishing attacks and is supported by FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI).

Get better email protection from the leader in cyber security and save up to 60%*, but only until June 30, 2018.


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A Single Email Can Compromise Your Entire Organization

Your current email solution may be failing — letting in ransomware, spear phishing attempts and emails that appear to be from your executives. Attackers may steal or encrypt your data, before you realize you were never really protected.

ETP is the cloud-based email security solution that fits perfectly with your current or emerging cloud strategy and is especially well suited to Microsoft Office 365.

With FireEye ETP you can:

  • Block damaging attacks in real time – Automatically protect your organization from spear-phishing emails that deliver ransomware, sender impersonation and credential harvesting exploits.
  • Be prepared for the latest attacker tactics – Integrated threat intelligence is automatically updated every 60 minutes.
  • Simplify security setup and management – There is no hardware or software to install, patch or upgrade.
  • Integrate easily with Office 365 Exchange and Google Online – Many cloud-based email services include only basic anti-virus and anti-spam technology protection against signature-based threats but need an additional layer of security to be effective against advanced threats.
  • Seamlessly protect email and network vectors – Integration with FireEye Network Security products gives security teams the ability to analyze multi-stage threats, correlate data and identify the source of email-based attacks.


Ransomware and Spear Phishing Routinely Evade Traditional Email Security

Cyber criminals are now sophisticated, organized and well-funded, with access to cutting edge technology and information. The high value from a well-planned attack drives motivation and investment.

Modern email-based attacks use well-informed social engineering techniques that can fool even the savviest user. Placing trust in spam-filtering and anti-virus software can give companies a false sense of security.

The preferred weapon for successful attacks is spear phishing, where seemingly legitimate emails with malicious payloads  including ransomware routinely bypass email security solutions that rely on conventional detection. Without the ability to identify, analyze, and stop these messages in real time, an organization’s people, data and assets are at great risk.


FireEye ETP Blocks Stealthy Spear-Phishing Emails and Ransomware

At the heart of ETP is the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine. It performs 50 billion virtual machine analyses each day and updates the global FireEye intelligence ecosystem every 60 minutes with new threat intelligence. It detects known and never-before-seen malware, malicious file attachments and URLs that are carried through email so they can be quarantined before they reach their target.

ETP analyzes emails for advanced exploits and attacks hidden in ZIP/RAR/TNEF archives and blocks them immediately while arming security practitioners with actionable alerts on evolving threats and the threat actors that perpetrate them.

FireEye ETP integrates with the FireEye Network Security, correlating malicious, email borne URLs with network traffic to trace web-based attacks back to an original spear phishing email and threat actor, uniquely protecting organizations from multi-vector, blended attacks.

FireEye Threat Intelligence:

response hours

global sensors to
collect intel

The FireEye Platform

FireEye ETP is a key component of the FireEye platform — built on world-leading technology, intelligence and expertise to protect organizations around the globe from ever evolving threats.

More zero-days identified than all other security companies

Type 2 compliant global data centers


SOC 2 Type II certification for security and confidentiality

Threat analytics from billions of events