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How C-Level Leaders Contribute to Strong Security Posture

The Executive's Breach Response Preparedness Playbook

An increasing number of regulations require C-level executives to monitor and acknowledge—in writing—that they understand their organization’s potential security risks and have approved the established security program. Breached organizations that violate these regulations face penalties that can reach tens of millions of dollars.

Download “The Executive’s Breach Response Preparedness Playbook” to learn how to proactively develop and evaluate processes that strengthen your organization’s cyber security posture. You’ll learn:

  • The rationale and priorities for breach response preparation and improvement
  • C-suite cyber security obligations by role
  • Best-practice actions to take before, during and after a breach
  • Recommendations for crisis communications
  • Actionable tips to apply across each phase of the breach response process

Download the playbook now to dramatically enhance your organization’s breach preparedness.

Download the playbook

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