Breach Preparedness Playbook: 
Executive Contributions Matter

Our 2017 M-Trends report indicates the median global dwell time of an attacker within a targeted environment is 99 days. This gives adversaries over three months to roam your network and steal sensitive data—before a breach is even detected.

Cyber security and breach response preparedness are quickly becoming strategic priorities for organizations worldwide.

C-suite leaders who realize the significance of their active involvement can more effectively position their organization to withstand today’s advanced and relentless cyber threats.

Our Executive’s Breach Preparedness Playbook outlines:

  • Rationale and priorities for breach response preparation and improvement methods
  • A best practice phased approach of executive contributions to be made before, during and after a breach
  • Actionable tips for executives to apply and enforce across each phase of the breach response process

Download the playbook today to dramatically enhance your organization’s breach response preparedness.

Download the playbook

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