Gartner Report: 6 Ways to Break the Next Wave of Cyber Threats

As businesses change and grow, IT must commit to keeping pace with their needs. And as IT practices and technologies evolve, cyber attacks likewise adapt.

Attacks evolve in response to – and even weaponize – emerging technologies, such as:

  • Cloud-based services
  • Complex encryption
  • Intelligent apps and devices
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Mesh apps

To overcome these threats, it’s important to understand not only how attacks subvert emerging technologies, but what their objectives are.

Fortunately, you can download “How to Respond to the 2018 Threat Landscape” to get six clear recommendations from Gartner on how you can best prepare for an environment of continuous, ever-changing cyber attacks.

Download the Gartner report “How to Respond to the 2018 Threat Landscape” today.

*Gartner How to Respond to the 2018 Threat Landscape, Greg Young, November 28, 2017.

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