Gartner Report:
Selecting the Right SOC for Your Organization

Historically, the answer to combatting cyber security threats has been to layer point products to solve individual issues. As a result, U.S. companies have: 

  • An average of 85 cyber security tools to manage
  • 10,000 daily alerts on average
  • Security teams dedicating up to 20 minutes to triage an alert 1

Today, a centralized and consolidated approach to cyber security is what’s needed to move from detection to response most efficiently. 

This Gartner report, Selecting the Right SOC Model for Your Organization, will: 

  • Outline the core elements, such as threat monitoring, detection and response, of a security operations center
  • Discuss why capabilities and visibility needs to expand past traditional SIEM solutions
  • Help security and risk management leaders identify the best SOC model for your organization

1 Source: 2018 M-Trends Report

"The evolving and escalating threat environment and the shift in security defense from prevent to a balance of prevent, detect and respond have prompted a renewed adoption of SOCs by a wider user base."

- Gartner Report: Selecting the Right SOC Model for Your Organization, 18 September 2018

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