What Your Executives Should Know About the Nature and Cost of Breaches

As a security and risk professional, you’re thinking about how to present your case for enhanced security to the top executives in your business. How do you educate them on the changing threat landscape? On the business impact and cost of a breach? How do you respond to their comments such as “We’re not that visible”, “But we’ve never had a breach” and “We have insurance”? This report can help.

Download the Forrester Research report, “Understand The Business Impact and Cost of a Breach” and get compelling information on:

  • How cyber attacks are changing in a variety of ways, including cyber criminal motivation, method, focus, tools, and results
  • Recent targets by date, industry, type of data, and number of files accessed
  • The cost of a breach in terms of notification, lost productivity, lawsuits, regulatory fines, brand recovery, and other liabilities

Download a copy of the report now to build your case.

Download the report