Network Forensics at the Speed of Business - with Gartner Research

The world is quickly becoming aware of what security professionals have known for quite some time -- that compromises, intrusions, and breaches are going to happen. Mature detection capabilities, preparedness, and timely incident response are key capabilities of great organizations. Network forensics, and the technology that facilitates it, is the driving force behind these capabilities. The volume and variety of data inside the modern enterprise make network forensics at the speed of business a Big Data challenge, and organizations that can rise to that challenge will fare better than those that cannot.

Download the report to access the Gartner research “Strategies for Dealing With Advanced Targeted Attacks” and learn about:

  • Key challenges to protecting your enterprise
  • The nature and potential impact of advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Why today’s threats require evolving your security
  • The importance of building a strategy around best security practices
  • The difference between “leaning forward” and simply adding security layers

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Download the report