Stopping Cyber Crime Against Small and Midsize Enterprises

Enterprise security to protect budget-conscious organizations from disruptive attacks

Truth is, as cyber attacks continue to rise, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are often hardest hit — even though their breaches may not make headline news.

Attackers don’t need to coordinate a major attack effort for a huge payout. They can reliably collect modest sums from SMEs with minimal effort: via distributed denial of service attacks, point-of-sale malware and phishing scams.

But you don't have to experience this "death by a thousand financial cuts." Contact FireEye and learn how you can protect yourself on a budget.

5 Reasons SME

Know Why You’re At Risk

SMEs are easy targets.

Almost two-thirds of SMEs have no data security policy. In 58% of SMEs, management doesn’t think their organizations are at risk. So attackers focus on SMEs as an easy target with a high ROI. They can and do directly target SME assets. But often, after they compromise SME systems, they lie dormant until they can gain access to higher-value targets by exploiting established network connections between an SME and a large enterprise.

Know Where You’re Vulnerable

Ninety percent of cyber attacks occur via web traffic and email. In fact, spear-phishing attempts that contain malicious attachments or URLs are a leading component of advanced multi-vector and multi-flow attacks. And once advanced cyber attackers settle into a system, they patiently wait for the opportunity to spread throughout an organization through network traffic.

Why Most Security Solutions Aren't Enough


Know Why Things Must Change

New types of attack techniques evade traditional defenses such as firewalls and antivirus software. In fact, since most off-the-shelf appliances are point products, they cannot even recognize the signs of a multi-vector attack.

You don’t have to be an easy target. Your email and network resources don’t have to remain vulnerable.

Know the Truth

The FireEye solution for SMEs allows you to focus on growing your business instead of managing your security. It combines Network Security and Email Threat Prevention (ETP) Cloud. With a simplified setup, minimal maintenance and coverage across the entire organization, this budget-conscious solution is an important first step to improving your security posture. For more information on building a high-value web and email security solution customized to your needs and budget, read Essential Security for Advanced Attacks.

Network Security

FireEye Network Security is a cost-effective solution that minimizes the risk of costly breaches at organizations of various sizes through complete network protection against signature-based attacks, known and zero-day exploits, malware executables and multi-protocol callbacks.

Email Security

FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that works in real time to analyze on-premise or cloud-based email for signs of spear phishing, flag malware-laden attachments, prevent advanced email attacks and provide anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Understand Why Spear Phishing Attacks Are Successful and How to Stop Them

A practical how-to guide for combating spear phishing threats.

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Together, FireEye Network Security and ETP help security teams:

  • Detect attacks across critical attack vectors — The web and email are two of the most common paths attackers use to get into your environment. The combination of Network Security and ETP ensures that organizations are protected against both of these critical links.
  • Detect blended attacks that point solutions miss — Some threats aren’t obvious when looking at isolated network or email activity. Even if point tools cover both vectors individually, they can miss threats because they can’t correlate the related activities.
  • Respond faster to threats — Working together, Network Security and ETP correlate activity across web and email traffic for richer alerts. Complemented by contextual intelligence, these alerts provide a broader view of your security situation. Armed with this information, security teams can quickly prioritize alerts and mount an effective response.
  • Stretch limited security budgets — With integrated anti-spam, and IPS capabilities, this combination of network and email security can consolidate deployments and block many attacks automatically — whether they’re well-known threats or have never been seen before. FireEye MVX technology generates only high-quality alerts, reducing operating expenses. And a common architecture and interface helps further reduce overhead.

See real results from this affordable web and email security solution. Contact FireEye for a demo today.