Closing Critical IT Security Gaps for More Effective Defense

Today's attacks are succeeding far too frequently, all due to the limitations of legacy security tools. Because many security technologies arose in an earlier era—when attacks targeting sensitive information were fairly straightforward to identify—these tools fail when they cannot recognize a previously unknown attack or threat vector.

In this report, EMA examines the underlying causes behind the failures of many existing security technologies, and highlights FireEye as a vendor that has pioneered an approach to closing gaps left open by traditional security defenses.

Download the "Closing Critical IT Security Gaps for More Effective Defense" report to learn:

  • How cyber attacks have evolved beyond the attacks of the past
  • Key reasons why cybercriminals continue to succeed against many tools of defense
  • How FireEye addresses today's complex threats


In the last few years, the scale and sophistication of IT security threats have grown at an explosive rate. Organizations have to contend with industrialized attacks, which, in some cases, rival the size and sophistication of the largest legitimate computing efforts. In addition, they also have to guard against a more focused adversary with the resources and capabilities to target highly sensitive information, often through long-term attack campaigns.

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