Cyber Evolution: En Route to Strengthening Resilience in Asia-Pacific

Cyber challenges in APAC, such as low cybersecurity investments and long dwell times, can be attributed to the complex geopolitical tensions, exposed critical infrastructure, and the severe shortage of cybersecurity talents in the region.

Fortunately, the regulatory climate in APAC is changing – slowly but surely. Although most APAC countries today are not legally obliged to report any cyber incidents and many remain silent, countries such as Singapore and Australia already have plans to adopt mandatory breach notification laws in 2018. The sooner governments and businesses recognize today’s cyber landscape poses a top enterprise risk, the better prepared they can be to take active steps to address the inevitable breach.

As trusted cyber advisers, FireEye and Marsh & McLennan Companies – each a leader in its own field – have collaborated to produce this white paper to help organizations across APAC build and strengthen their enterprise cyber resilience.

Download the whitepaper to find out more.

Download the Whitepaper