Amazon S3

FireEye Secures your S3 Buckets

FireEye Detection On Demand secures S3 buckets from ransomware and malware. Our industry leading file and object scanning ensures you are not bringing malicious items when you migrate to the cloud, and keeps it out of your ongoing business operations.

How Customers use Detection On Demand with S3

Across many industries, FireEye Detection On Demand helps customers discover and respond to threats to product your business operations.

Use cases with S3 include:

  • A document publishing company uses Detection On Demand to run millions of untrusted files uploaded by third parties a month.
  • A cloud security vendor is using Detection On Demand to analyze suspicious content uploaded by customers.
  • A bank is using Detection On Demand to analyze files during their loan processes.

FireEye Detection On Demand also works with Amazon Macie, which can discover and protect your sensitive data on AWS using machine learning and pattern matching, and through a searchable inventory of your Amazon S3 buckets.

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