F5 and FireEye Integrated Security Solutions

Enterprise IT departments must maintain network reliability, security, and speed, even as they are tasked to support cloud-based applications and mobile environments. To mitigate the risks of cloud technologies and a mobile workforce, enterprises must integrate application delivery technologies with advanced threat management platforms.

F5 and FireEye provide a complete security solution that combines application delivery infrastructure with advanced content security. It includes F5 BIG-IP products and the FireEye® Network Threat Prevention Platform (NX Series) with intrusion prevention system (IPS). The combined solution provides organizations with improved uptime, enables scalability and enhances visibility, including SSL traffic.

Not a Traditional Solution

Traditionally, an IPS is deployed inline so that all traffic flows through it. This allows malicious traffic to be inspected and blocked. However, the IPS device needs to be sized to handle all traffic throughput, not just the traffic to be inspected. This leads to increased costs if a large amount of traffic doesn’t require inspection. An intrusion detection system (IDS) gives you the ability to mirror only traffic that needs to be inspected, but it usually only provides alerts without blocking threats.

The F5 and FireEye partnership creates an efficient and scalable advanced threat protection system. It enables you to both route only required traffic through an inspection device and block detected threats.


FireEye and F5 Partnership

Together, F5 and FireEye
  • Deliver performance, scale and high availability in heavy network traffic environments with health monitoring and load-balancing
  • Identify and block known and unknown (zero-day) web exploits, droppers (binaries), and multi-protocol callbacks
  • Optimize security efficiencies, substantially reduce false positives, and enable security compliance
  • Increase visibility into encrypted traffic with the industry’s leading threat intelligence, forensics, and analytics

“This partnership brings together two leaders in application delivery and network security to help customers address their most daunting security challenges today.”

- Calvin Rowland, Sr. Vice President of Business Development, F5


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