Visibility, threat detection and automation

FireEye has partnered with ForeScout to deliver unique and powerful solutions for risk mitigation and threat defense. With the product integrations from this partnership, you can rapidly identify security risks and advanced threats, automate mitigation actions to prevent malware propagation, and reduce mean time to resolution for security and compliance issues. As a result, you can reduce breaches, prevent data loss, and reputation risk while preempting costly investigation and remediation tasks.

ForeScout and FireEye provide complete security solutions that includes ForeScout's CounterAct products and the FireEye NX, EX, HX and TAP series of products. These combined solutions provide organizations with enhanced visibility, threat detection, and automation.

Together, ForeScout and FireEye
  • Provide customers with actionable intelligence and visibility across their enterprise network
  • Offers the intelligence and expertise to close the gap between detecting and responding to a cyber threat
  • Monitors the network for unknown devices, dynamically segments them, and deploys system-wide responses to defend against advanced threats


Visibility, Threat Detection and Automation

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“This partnership is a great example of how security companies can work together to automate response to threats that we are battling every day in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).”

- Michael DeCesare, CEO and President, ForeScout

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