innerActiv's partnership with FireEye will be the first to deliver next-generation insights of Insider Threat protection, employee monitoring, and behavioral risk analytics to the Helix platform.

In today's world, the risk of insider threat continues to skyrocket with approximately 82% of data breaches found to originate from insiders. A significant cause of this increase lies in the fact that an organization's data, endpoints, and even employees and contractors are no longer residing strictly within the network, making "traditional" network-based security measures ineffective. In order to address this rising threat and shifting workflow, user and endpoint monitoring and analysis are required.

innerActiv and FireEye understand that identifying, tracking, and remediating insider risks is vital, but also poses great challenges. By utilizing innerActiv's in depth endpoint analysis combined with the rich data correlation of the Helix platform, organizations can quickly and effectively face that challenge.

The continually enriched intelligence context establishes a trusted enhanced knowledge base to quickly identify the current defensive posture against a known threat. This provides a unique ability for information sharing to flow successfully and rapidly and in both directions between the government, strategic partners, and the private sector. In the end, we empower network defenders to more effectively protect and operate networked environments by simplifying the creation, execution and enforcement of countermeasures.

innerActiv provides:

  • Real-time alerting and monitoring direct from the user's endpoint
  • On- and off-network monitoring for contractors, work-at-home, or field employees
  • Sensitive data analysis of files in use, at rest, and in motion
  • Control of information being sent offsite or to hard copy via email, print, USB, and more
  • Behavioral analytics and risk scoring to stay ahead of developing changes
  • User activity reports to identify active vs idle times, work hours, and resources accessed
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Accelerated Investigations with unbiased and irrefutable evidence

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Joint Solution

Protect from Within using innerActiv and FireEye