Microsoft and FireEye

FireEye’s Integration with the Microsoft Graph Security API enables bi-directional alerting and the sharing of additional threat context to help organizations respond more quickly to attacks and update protection policies across their environment.

FireEye is an Enterprise customer for Microsoft using the E5 suite including Office 365, Teams, Skype, et al. The strategic relationship between Microsoft and FireEye is focused on strengthening our services and products and services to protect our clients and your data within Active Directory, Azure, and Office 365.

FireEye Email Security enhances Office 365 email protection with a comprehensive defense against today’s evolving threat landscape, as spear-phishing and impersonation attacks continue to rise. FireEye Email products quickly detect password theft in Office 365 to stop an attacker and subsequent Incidents.

FireEye’s Helix is an Azure Workload Protection Platform product and can help secure Exchange/O365, Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Azure Cloud and OneDrive.

On Windows endpoints and Servers, integration with FireEye FX allows our customers to enforce consistent security for mobile users while preventing malicious exploits

FireEye Mandiant Services provides an Active Directory Security Assessment (ADSA) which allows clients to gain visibility into the current state of an organization’s Active Directory environment and strategically improves the overall security posture of the Active Directory infrastructure based on extensive incident response experience, global containment and remediation services, and emerging threat intelligence.