Partnering to protect critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure providers are uniquely vulnerable to cyber attacks, given the required connectivity between the physical and cyber worlds. The same digital abilities that give these infrastructure providers visibility and control over their operations make them desirable cyber targets for attackers looking to steal information and intellectual property, disrupt services and damage equipment.

Parsons and FireEye have partnered to provide our customers enhanced protection for critical infrastructure and IT environments using advanced technologies and services.

The integration of Parsons' infrastructure expertise with FireEye's cyber experience provides a secure foundation for protecting our customers' infrastructure against the next generation of cyber threats. This collaboration will offer comprehensive security solutions to counteract the rapidly growing number of cyber threats faced by customers managing critical infrastructure.

“Together, we are committed to developing best-of-breed solutions to address the evolving cyber threat faced by energy producers, transportation infrastructure entities, telecommunications companies, and government agencies.”

- Chuck Harrington, Chairman and CEO of Parsons