Data tells a story. Polarity helps organizations to see this data with Augmented Reality overlaying contextual information from the applications you use every day, no glasses or goggles required. With over 100 powerful integrations, Polarity’s open-source Integrations Library arms organizations with the right data at the right time to make decisions with thoroughness and take action with speed.

The Polarity-Mandiant Threat Intelligence integration allows analysts to have speed and thoroughness when analyzing any finished intelligence, vulnerabilities, and remedies from Mandiant’s vast breach intelligence dataset, regardless of the security analysts’ workflow or what screen they are looking at. These capabilities allow analysts to quickly pivot out to Mandiant Threat Intelligence reports to gain more insights on how to best triage the indicators that might be affecting their organization.

Integration Benefits

  • Polarity's computer vision immediately recognizes text on screen, and in real-time while an analyst is working, it provides contextual information for the highlighted data. This contextual information can be pulled from the Polarity-Mandiant Threat Intelligence integration.
  • Open-source integration framework.

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