ThreatConnect is the place where security comes to work. The only platform to unite Cyber Risk Quantification (RQ), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) capabilities, ThreatConnect is a decision and operational support platform that aligns the entire security lifecycle to the goal of reducing risk.

With ThreatConnect's Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), centralize the aggregation and management of threat data. Collected intelligence has the ability to dictate decisions being made across your technology stack. Send relevant and actionable insights from the TIP to other tools with our wide breadth of integrations and flexible Playbooks. Export Threat Intelligence Reports and share the information with other teams to help your organization stay up to date on relevant threats. As additional context and associations are applied to an indicator, you are armed with intelligence that should influence decision making.

FireEye Helix

The FireEye Helix Log Analytics integration with ThreatConnect allows ThreatConnect users to export data to FireEye Helix for alerting and detection within their environment. Deploy the following indicator types from ThreatConnect into Helix: Address, Host, Email Address, and File (MD5 or SHA1) with control over the destination Indicator list name and filtering on the severity and confidence of each indicator. Users can take immediate actions to investigate, stop, and remediate potential threats at the endpoint based on external threat intelligence.

ThreatConnect + FireEye Helix

ThreatConnect customers can export data to FireEye Helix for alerting and detection within their environment.


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