Waterfall Security

Waterfall Security and FireEye have forged a partnership to provide tightly integrated joint security solutions for industrial control system (ICS) networks.

CISOs and their security teams are increasingly finding themselves responsible for the protection of their organization's reliability-critical and safety-critical ICS environments. The Waterfall and FireEye partnership enables clients to extend their existing information technology and operational technology (OT) platforms with more secure visibility into ICS environments, allowing them to monitor the security of their plant floor infrastructure in real-time.

Waterfall Security

Waterfall's Unidirectional Security Gateways provide secure and easy integration of FireEye Network Security for industrial control networks. The FireEye Network Security solution protects networks by detecting and immediately stopping advanced, targeted and evasive attacks, while Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways protect industrial network perimeters from all external threats from less-trusted networks.

Waterfall and FireEye have also partnered to integrate Waterfall's Unidirectional CloudConnect® and FireEye cloud-based Helix and Managed Defense solutions to protect ICS networks. The integration of these solutions allows plant managers and operations personnel to identify and respond to critical security incidents in ICS networks.

Waterfall's top verticals include: power generation, nuclear generation, transmission systems, balancing authorities, railway signaling systems, offshore platforms, refining, pipelines, water utilities and chemical manufacturing.

Solution Brief

Waterfall Unidirectional CloudConnect with FireEye Helix and FireEye Managed Defense