Security Predictions 2018

Cyber crime is a business that threat actors take very seriously. Cyber security is its opposing force. To be effective in the battle against cyber attacks, trusted security partners such as FireEye must hold their secrets close.

But to equip the world-at-large against an ever-expanding and continually diversifying collection of threats, some information must be shared freely.

The Security Predictions for 2018 paper offers unique insights into what we can expect from attackers, victim organizations, security vendors and nation-states in the coming year.

  • Who is likely to instigate cyber attacks, and who are their targets
  • What cyber attack techniques are likely to be most popular, and under what conditions
  • Which nation-states are likely to engage in cyber warfare and cyber crime, and their reasons for doing so
  • What options are available to deal with cyber attacks, and which activities will be most effective

Take notes. Take guidance. Take the edge away from the criminals working against you in the coming year.

Download the paper today.

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