Forrester: The Value Of FireEye Network Security

Based on interviews with FireEye customers, Forrester utilized their Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework to identify the benefits, costs, flexibility and risks associated with an investment in FireEye Network Security (NX Series) products for a composite organization.

FireEye Network Security solutions can deliver business outcomes, cost savings and rapid payback for their organization. Visionary business and IT leaders who want to secure critical infrastructure and data should read this study to learn how FireEye Network Security customers can expect:

 - 152% ROI

 - $1.3M total benefits from cost savings over 3 years

 - Payback on their initial investment in just 9.7 months

Download the commissioned study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of FireEye, to learn more.

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“When it comes to detecting and preventing advanced attacks, the power of FireEye MVX technology has no competition.”

- - Wahid Hammami, Chief Information Officer