Central Management

Centralize device and intelligence management to correlate data across attack vectors

Today's cyber attacks happen in stages and cross multiple vectors (such as email and web). Efforts to centralize management of multiple products helps share threat intelligence, correlate data across security systems and pursue a robust, adaptive defense strategy.

The Central Management (CM) Series is the FireEye threat intelligence hub. It services the FireEye ecosystem, ensuring that FireEye products share the latest intelligence and correlate across attack vectors to detect and prevent cyber attacks. CM improves operational efficiency for multiple FireEye devices.


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Advanced malware uses evasion techniques to bypass traditional security methods. See how FireEye is the market leader in advanced malware sandbox detection technology.

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Benefits of Central Management

Detect and prevent multi-stage attacks across multiple vectors
  • Share the latest local and global threat intelligence across FireEye cyber security products
  • Correlate activity across large-scale FireEye deployments to reveal multi-stage, multi-vector attack patterns
  • Match malicious URLs with the originating email(s) and intended recipients
Improve operational efficiency
  • Centralize large-scale FireEye deployment management into a single console to manage configurations, threat updates, and software upgrades
  • Enable remote management and dynamic configurations
  • Consolidate and preserve FireEye security data information
  • Speed reporting and audit preparation
  • Satisfy long-term data retention requirements