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Take control of your multi-cloud security posture

Cloudvisory Self-Guided Tour


What is Cloudvisory?

Cloudvisory is enterprise-class, highly scalable, and trusted by Fortune 500 customers for centralized security management across cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments. Cloudvisory delivers a complete cloud security solution through cloud-native integrations and controls for continuous Visibility, Compliance & Governance – with a full suite of tools that enable any organization to quickly mature their cloud security posture through a phased implementation approach.


Uniform visibility into disparate, multi-cloud infrastructure through a single console.

  • Ad-hoc Cloud Security Audits
  • Continuous Cloud Security Analytics
  • Single-pane-of-glass Cloud Security
  • Network Flow Visualization
FireEye Cloudvisory - Visibility
FireEye Cloudvisory - Compliance


Reduce risk of cloud security misconfiguration resulting in exposure and compliance violation.

  • Cloud Security Compliance Guardrails
  • Extendable Compliance Framework
  • Risk Analysis & Remediation
  • Cloud Vulnerability Management


Proactive cloud security posture using machine learning to intelligently detect anomalies.

  • Automated Policy Governance
  • Cloud Security Policy Management
  • Intelligent Microsegmentation
  • Threat Detection & Response
FireEye Cloudvisory - Governance
FireEye Chat - Episode 6

FireEye Chat

Front and Center: How to Empower. Evolve. Defend.

The more complex your cloud environments get, the harder it is to track data and keep it secure. It's important to centralize data and controls. Cloudvisory natively tells you what to do and how to get it done.

Learn more about the benefits of Cloudvisory in the full FireEye Chat episode.

The Cloudvisory Difference

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

A complete set of (artificially) intelligent tools that work together to empower cloud security posture improvement

Intelligent Microsegmentation

Intelligent Microsegmentation

Cloud-native governance of microsegmentation policies via cloud-native firewalls and security controls

Multi-cloud Native Support

Multi-cloud Native Support

In addition to public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, Cloudvisory supports cloud-native visibility, compliance & governance for OpenStack and Kubernetes

Orchestrated Remediation

Orchestrated Remediation

Orchestrated remediation of compliance failures & governance of desired-state security policies

Agentless Monitoring & Execution

Agentless Monitoring & Execution

Agentless monitoring of all network flows across multiple cloud providers and accounts

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Cloudvisory Delivers


Only FireEye Cloudvisory merges
CSPM and CWPP features into
a single cloud security platform.


Cloudvisory leverages the cloud provider’s existing cloud-native security controls to enforce workload microsegmentation.


Cloudvisory provides an array of integrations and solutions to enhance and empower DevSecOps practices.

Ready to get started?

Learn more about FireEye Cloudvisory or contact sales to schedule a demo.

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