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DevSecOps Solutions

FireEye Cloudvisory provides an array of integrations and solutions to enhance and empower DevSecOps practices for hybrid- and multi-cloud organizations. Whether you call it DevSecOps, SecDevOps, or any other name - Cloudvisory allows you to integrate security monitoring & management into each phase of the DevOps lifecycle.


Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Integrate Security into Build (CI/CD) Automation
REST API Gateway to Multi-Cloud-Native Security Operations

Anything one can do in the Cloudvisory UI is also doable via the Cloudvisory REST API, which allows DevSecOps teams to integrate functions into existing automated build pipelines. Cloudvisory authenticates, authorizes & encrypts (HTTPS) all connections to the Cloudvisory UI and/or API, providing a secure API gateway into all your multi-cloud security assets, configurations & events.

Build Your Own Custom Compliance Checks

Extend the Cloudvisory Compliance Framework to meet any compliance assurance need by writing your own custom Compliance Checks, where a given check implements the standard (golang) interface for Cloudvisory Compliance Checks. Custom checks benefit from standard features for Compliance Checks, including the ability to customize the run behavior at the Compliance Check and/or Compliance Group level. Incorporate custom compliance assurance workflows into standard Risk Analysis features built into Cloudvisory.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Automate Testing of DevSecOps Changes
Functional Tests for Cloud Security Policy Management

Use Cloudvisory to automatically test for configurations and events that violate organization policy ensuring violations "fail early" in the DevOps and/or DevSecOps automation pipeline(s).

Unit Tests for Custom Compliance Checks

Cloudvisory provides examples - and example unit tests - for Custom Compliance Checks which implement the standard (golang) interface for Cloudvisory Compliance Checks. Ensure new and modified Compliance Checks meet basic requirements via standard build (CI/CD) pipelines.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Deploy Secure, Multi-Cloud Applications and Services
Secure Cloud Provisioning

Allow for central Security oversight of de-centralized, automated DevOps processes. Deploy with confidence, knowing that Cloudvisory automatically detects security policy violations while keeping an audit trail of historical changes to security context. Trust that security deficiencies can be detected early in the DevSecOps pipeline; Verify that security deficiencies stay remediated in Production.

Deploy Your own Custom Compliance Checks. Once Custom Compliance Checks meet testing requirements, use Cloudvisory automation to orchestrate the deployment of your custom checks throughout the Cloudvisory cluster. Regardless of the size (1 to N nodes) and location (SaaS, on-premise) of the cluster, Cloudvisory makes it easy to update Compliance Check definitions with zero downtime.

Automated Security Platform Deployment Cloudvisory makes it easy to deploy & manage multiple Cloudvisory deployments, providing native support for AGILE testing of Custom Compliance Checks and/or Cloudvisory cluster upgrades. Leverage the power and reliability of a distributed, big-data cluster in Production while using the same automation toolset to setup single-node Cloudvisory deployments for Dev/QA.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Continuously Monitor Security Configurations and Events
Agentless Cloud Security Monitoring

Cloudvisory continuously discovers multi-cloud assets, context, controls & events through cloud-native API integrations. Easily monitor near-real-time and historical security data for all of your cloud environments – without using any agents on any workloads – from a single-pane.

Security Event Data Hub

Leverage the big data architecture of Cloudvisory. Stream security events from the Cloudvisory Kafka cluster to a SIEM – or other data analytics engine – of your choice. Query multi-cloud security events through a Cloudvisory API based on Elasticsearch.

Configure Alerts for Security Events When you know that which you seek – create an alert, there, and ye shall find. Save time by setting Compliance Check defaults (i.e. alert destination, check frequency, check severity) at the Compliance Group level. Customize alerting behavior for specific Compliance Checks. Automatically learn alert recipient list through cloud metadata, allowing for automatic notification of asset owners and stakeholders.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Big Data Security Analytics for Big Cloud Deployments
Multi-cloud Security Data Analytics

When you know not what you seek – use Cloudvisory's ad-hoc audit interface to drill-down and pivot on a rich set of contextual, multi-cloud security data. When aggregations and trends are more important than individual events, use the Cloudvisory Dashboard to assess the current and historical inventories of assets and risks in your multi-cloud environment. There you can slice and dice the overall data set over custom time intervals and utilize built-in data aggregations and filters.

Feed Your SIEM Beast

Cloudvisory provides a rich source of contextual security data for multi-cloud assets, configurations & events. Feed your analytics engine with the complete historical record of Cloudvisory asset discovery events, compliance check results, internal audit logs, processed network flows & machine learning recommendations.

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


Continuous Cloud Security Improvement
Machine Learning for Policy Improvements

In dynamic environments, standing still is losing ground. Use Cloudvisory to continuously learn improvements to desired state policies, providing actionable recommendations that ensure "golden state" policies stay golden over time.

Extendable Compliance Framework

Extend Cloudvisory's automated compliance engine through several types of "custom" Compliance Checks. Enable and customize over 1100 built-in Compliance Checks; Convert ad-hoc queries into recurring Compliance Checks; Reference our standard golang interface for creating your own compliance checks (in golang) with ease.

Cloudvisory Delivers


Only FireEye Cloudvisory merges
CSPM and CWPP features into
a single cloud security platform.


Cloudvisory leverages the cloud provider’s existing cloud-native security controls to enforce workload microsegmentation.


Cloudvisory provides an array of integrations and solutions to enhance and empower DevSecOps practices.

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