Data Centers

Protecting the data center from cyber attacks

Your data center hosts critical data and contains your core assets, including customer information, intellectual property and other business-critical data. And with emerging trends such as Big Data, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mobility and global online collaboration sparking an explosion of data, the data center will only become more important to your organization and will continue to be the target of advanced malware and other cyber attacks.

FireEye cyber security products and solutions enable organizations to prevent, detect and respond to advanced malware and other cyber attacks targeting the data center that routinely bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses.

Data Center Security Solution Overview

Data Center Security Solution Overview

Learn why it's important to protect your data center from today's advanced cyber attacks, why traditional defenses are failing and how FireEye offers products that help secure your most valuable assets. (video - 2:18 min)


“The FX series prevents the spread of advanced malware across Turkiye Finans' country-wide infrastructure that is missed by traditional and next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus, and gateways.”

- Türkiye Finans Bank

Benefits of data center security

Detect advanced malware and close security gaps

  • Shield data centers from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sophisticated malware found in content stores, web and application servers, and common file shares
  • Stop attacks entering organizations via mobile devices and portable storage
  • Receive on-target analysis to pinpoint possible gaps that need addressing

Get a multi-pronged approach with Adaptive Defense

  • Protect your key assets and prevent attacks with products and services that work together and share threat intelligence
  • Prevent attacks with a nimble, adaptive cyber security strategy
  • Safeguard your organization from attacks that use web servers and other data center infrastructure to host malware

Respond to incidents in your data center faster

  • Detect threats quickly to reduce lag time before resolution
  • Get reliable, fast malware analysis with the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine
  • Provide continuous, dynamic, non-disruptive resolution to incidents