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Detection On Demand

Expose threats when and where you need

To protect your cloud infrastructure, you need to be able to actively monitor files for the presence of malicious content. FireEye Detection On Demand is a threat detection service that uncovers harmful objects in the cloud.

FireEye Detection On Demand delivers flexible file and content scanning capabilities to identify file-borne threats in your cloud, SOC, SIEM or files uploaded to web applications.

Detection on Demand Video Overview
Detect known and unknown threats

Detect known and unknown threats

Inspect the cloud infrastructure and the business logic of the data in your cloud apps.
Apply FireEye Threat Intelligence

Leverage Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Validate your files and content with the latest threat intelligence from the front lines.
Deploy across your entire cloud ecosystem

Deploy across your entire cloud ecosystem

Easily integrate anywhere, including your trusted solutions such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack.
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FireEye Detection On Demand OEM

Enhance your products with FireEye detection

Your business has enough to focus on, let FireEye help you detect malicious threats. Utilizing our simple to use API, you can embed FireEye detection into your products in mere hours.

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