FireEye Threat Intelligence

Respond to advanced threats faster and smarter with industry-leading threat intelligence

Organizations continue to fight an asymmetric battle that they are ill-equipped to win. Attackers are sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized and use highly targeted techniques. Most organizations stake their security efficacy on legacy, signature-based tactical intelligence feeds that can neither anticipate attacks nor provide any intelligence to guide response. Instead these feeds increase alert volumes with false positives, making attacks impossible to manage and providing a false sense of safety.

Unsurprisingly, organizations continuously find themselves fighting attacks that can take months to detect and respond to. And their costs continue to skyrocket.

The FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine is built on more than 10 years of experience battling the world’s most advanced cyber threats. It feeds into all FireEye threat intelligence offerings and allows you to move from a reactive to a proactive security posture. FireEye Threat Intelligence is the most extensive and immediately operational cyber intelligence. It enables security teams to detect and respond to threats effectively and efficiently.

FireEye Threat Intelligence Benefits

Assess and improve your security posture

Assess and improve your security posture

Leverage strategic intelligence that includes probable threats against your industry, high-value assets and typical network vulnerabilities.

Detect and prevent advanced threats

Detect and prevent advanced threats

Use tactical intelligence gathered from other security products filtered to prioritize urgent, valid alerts that signal advanced attacks.

Respond to and remediate attacks

Respond to and remediate attacks

Build contextual support for alerts based on knowledge of threat actors’ tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

How to Make Threat Intelligence Work for You

Learn how the right threat intelligence can strengthen your security posture and why "off-the-shelf" threat intelligence provides a false sense of security and hinders your response time.

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Intelligence Offerings


Subscribe to tactical and strategic threat intelligence that enables your organization to efficiently and effectively anticipate, detect, and respond to today's evolving threats.

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FireEye Intelligence Center

Access strategic intelligence, analysis tools, intelligence sharing capabilities, and institutional knowledge based on more than 10 years of FireEye and Mandiant incident response experience.

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Integration Hub

Aggregate alerts from FireEye and non-FireEye tools into a single dashboard and disseminate tactical alert intelligence throughout your organization’s security infrastructure.

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Forward Deployed Analyst

Extend your team with an on-site FireEye intelligence analyst who leverages FireEye and Mandiant expertise and visibility to process, analyze, and produce customized and actionable threat intelligence.

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Emerging Products: Threat Intelligence

Read why SC Magazine calls FireEye Threat Intelligence " extremely powerful system for gathering, analyzing, and acting on cyber threat intelligence."

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SAFETY Act Certified for More Protection

Achieve the highest level of liability protection under the SAFETY Act from lawsuits alleging failure of the technologies to prevent or mitigate an act of cyber terrorism.

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ATI/ATI+ Overview Video

Watch an overview of the Advanced Threat Intelligence product and find out how to turn alerts into answers.