Endpoint Security

Far Beyond Prevention

With millions of endpoints to defend, threats are sure to get through at least one, placing your organization at risk. Conventional antivirus (AV) protection works – up to a point.

But AV products can’t always keep up with and stop the instant impact of rapidly evolving threats. And the more insidious and sophisticated attackers are patient. After their attacks breach systems, they can lie dormant in your networks for months, gathering data and credentials.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

To stop attacks from embedding themselves into your network, you need endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions that can provide monitoring and tracking. A strong EDR solution can proactively hunt down and contain the most subtle attacks. And the strength of an EDR solution is based on the quality of its threat intelligence.

Smarter Endpoint Security

FireEye Endpoint Security is built on unmatched threat intelligence that is implemented through:

  • Machine-learning
  • Behavioral analysis
  • More than a decade of carefully curated and codified expertise from incident response activities 

As you combine the intelligence-based detection functions of EDR solutions with your established AV products you will realize that they are only part of a larger solution – an endpoint protection platform (EPP). You will have the ability to stop known threats with AV capabilities and the ability to uncover newer threats with an EDR solution. The next step is the fine control and management of your endpoints that allows you to contain a potentially compromised endpoint while suspected threats are analyzed. FireEye Endpoint Security provides this capability as it integrates smoothly with your current security portfolio.

FireEye Endpoint Security can not only detect and prevent attacks, but lets you safely analyze and see when and where a threat or compromise may have occurred within your endpoint landscape, learn who or what was most likely behind it and contain the compromised endpoint so the threat cannot spread. With FireEye Endpoint Security and EDR capabilities companies gain true endpoint protection and the ability to smoothly adopt an endpoint protection platform.

Endpoint Security: From Prevention to Remediation

Understand what capabilities are required to have a comprehensive endpoint protection platform.

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“Organizations believe that as much as 45% of all their corporate data is held on endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones — which pose arguably the largest risk to data security.”

- Arieanna Schweber, Data & Endpoint Security News

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