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Endpoint Security

Stop breaches in their tracks

Each desktop, laptop and server is a possible entry for a breach, leaving your data, customer information and intellectual property at risk. FireEye Endpoint Security protects your organization with intelligence led protection, detection and response.

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“FireEye Endpoint Security provides a flexible, cost-effective option for threat prevention, detection and incident response.”

– Robyn Westervelt, IDC

Defense in Depth protection

Endpoint Security protects your endpoints with a multi-engine protection in a single modular agent.

  • Block common malware with a signature-base engine
  • Stop advanced threats with the machine learning engine, MalwareGuard
  • Halt application exploits with the behavior analysis engine, ExploitGuard
  • Protect from new threat vectors with Endpoint Security Modules

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“FireEye Endpoint Security delivers across the board and really excels at generating meaningful forensics information needed to investigate the root cause of an issue.”

- Rob Labbé, Director of Information Security
Teck Resources Limited

“Every endpoint counts and FireEye Endpoint Security gives us the ability to instantly confine a threat and investigate the incident without risking further infection.”

- Anton Bonifacio, CISO
Globe Telecom, Inc.

Superior threat detection and response

Endpoint Security enables detection and response using knowledge learned on the front line of incident response and managing our customer's defense.

  • Detect endpoint threat activity with a real-time indicator of compromise (IOC) engine
  • Enable response to breaches with tools and techniques developed by front line responders
  • Obtain a complete activity timeline for forensic analysis
  • Stream alerts and information to FireEye Helix XDR

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Real-time forensics investigation

Endpoint Security provides in depth forensics analysis tools.

  • Use Triage to assign severity and priority to alerts
  • Deep-dive investigation to determine the threat artifacts
  • Enterprise hunting to find threat artifacts across endpoints, connected or not

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“FireEye has given RCBC a way to protect all of our endpoints, even for laptops that are being used outside of the bank's network.”

- Jed Lumain, Chief Technology Officer
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

FireEye XDR

Simplifying Threat Detection and Response

FireEye XDR uncovers threats by correlating incident data and applying unparalleled frontline intelligence and analytics. Simplifying threat detection, investigation, and incident response by highlighting what is critical, and up-level analyst proficiencies.

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Endpoint Security Pictogram

Endpoint + Network

Stop web shell attacks, reduce the time to detect and respond from weeks down to minutes.

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How Endpoint Security works

Endpoint Security begins with the knowledge of threats learned from the front-lines with our Mandiant responders This knowledge enables our team to develop responses targeted to the various Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) of the threats.

  • Malware protection for common and modern threats
  • Behavioral analysis and threat detection to stop an attack in progress 
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) to reduce the impact of a breach
  • Correlating alerts and threat information with intelligence through Helix XDR

The ease and convenience of managing all endpoints from one centralized management system means quicker response in diagnosing real threats and mitigating their impact.


“FireEye Endpoint Security produces very few false positives: When we do get a hit, we're confident that it's a true incident that we should immediately act on.”

- Tom Webb, Director of Information Security Operations Team, USC

University of South Carolina

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USC slashes incident resolution time by 75% with FireEye Endpoint Security.

Comprehensive endpoint defense

Lightweight multi-engine agent

Lightweight multi-engine agent

Minimizes configuration and maximizes detection and threat prevention with a single agent.

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint detection and response

Analyzes recent endpoint activity and enables response to threats in a single integrated workflow.

Enterprise security search

Enterprise security search

Rapidly searches for and identifies threats across all online endpoints in real-time. Also searches for offline endpoints when they reattach to the network to discern the threat level.

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection

Delivers malware defense with threat intelligence for comprehensive protection against advanced cyberattack.

Easy-to-understand interface

Easy-to-understand interface

Enables fast interpretation and response to any suspicious endpoint activity.

Triage and audit viewer

Triage and audit viewer

Makes analysts more effective in inspecting and detecting threats and provides a contextualized triage of the events that matter to streamline the analyst work. The audit viewer provides one-stop in-depth access to endpoint and system details for forensic audits.

FireEye Endpoint Security demonstrates leadership in
MITRE ATT&CK evaluation providing leading detection and understanding
April 2020

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