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Endpoint Detection and Response

Identify, isolate, and remove endpoint threats in real-time

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) detects suspicious or threatening activity on endpoints. EDR constantly monitors endpoints enabling immediate response. The information collected from the monitoring process is recorded to be analyzed and investigated to enable response. EDR is a key feature of FireEye Endpoint Security and part of Helix XDR.

Continuous monitoring for real-time EDR security

EDR works through continuous monitoring of the endpoint using Indicators of Compromise (IoC). The automated nature of EDR security allows.

  • Streamlined threat detection process 
  • Instant threat detection 
  • Investigation, reporting and response enablement

Complete visibility across your entire endpoint network

EDR offers complete, in-depth visibility across all the organizations endpoints, with all devices covered for threat detection.

  • Manage many thousands of endpoint agents 
  • Detect threats across the organization 
  • Centralized management console

Rapid incident response times

EDR is able to respond to threats in real-time. Many endpoint threats can bypass traditional and advanced security in the time it takes for a human to respond to the activity. With EDR clients will benefit from:

  • Automated detection process 
  • Significantly reduced time to detection
  • Ability to respond within minutes

Software that's on the cutting edge of EDR technology

As a relatively new aspect to endpoint security, EDR technology is advancing rapidly. FireEye is an industry leader that offers cutting edge EDR software featuring emerging technologies. EDR often uses advanced detection technologies such as sandboxing, scanning for IoCs, retrospective analysis. New detections are provided through our Endpoint Security Modules developed with help from our front-line Mandiant responders.

How EDR works

Endpoint Detection and Response tools work by continuously monitoring activity on endpoints, with the aim of identifying suspicious or threatening behavior in real time. Information is recorded and analyzed for internal or external attacks. EDR can identify specific behaviors to alert organizations to potential threats before the attackers can cause harm. Once a threat has been detected, EDR can isolate and deflect attacks from internal and external sources, protecting endpoint devices from risks. The end-to-end analysis is supported by a range of innovative technologies, including machine learning and behavioral analysis.

The alerts and data can be correlated with other vectors and intelligence can be applied to provide Extended Detection and Response (XDR) the quickly find threats propagating within an organization.

Part of our complete endpoint solution

EDR is just one of many capabilities of FireEye Endpoint Security. Endpoint Security is an all-in-one solution that can maintain the health and integrity of corporate endpoint environments. The solution features integrated endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, and forensics.


“We have deployed FireEye Endpoint Security across our entire infrastructure. My team was able to accomplish the implementation in just one month. The FireEye solution's detection and response capabilities give us the capability to immediately inspect, search and analyze suspicious activity on any device; enabling us to protect our infrastructure using detailed threat information in real time.”

- Archieval Tolentino, Chief Security Officer, Land Bank of the Philippines

Land Bank of the Philippines

Read the customer story
Through FireEye, Land Bank of the Philippines has elevated protection of their data.

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