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Endpoint Forensics

Investigate and respond to the indicators of an endpoint attack

Endpoint forensics allows teams to remotely detect and investigate cyber attacks on endpoints across a whole organization. The ability to perform fast, targeted, deep investigations across thousands of endpoints is critical when trying to respond to cyber attacks. Importantly, FireEye Endpoint Security helps organizations monitor Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and respond to cyber attacks on an endpoint before critical data loss occurs.

Prevent the spread of cyber attacks across thousands of endpoints

Organizations can receive hundreds of false alarms from their endpoint detection system, all of which must be investigated in case one is a severe threat. With so many endpoints in an environment, this can take hours, even days. During that time the organization is at risk of data theft or data compromise. Endpoint forensics tools allow organizations to identify attacker behavior and their tactics, techniques and procedures and do so across thousands of endpoints, fast.

Detect malware and other signs of compromise

Endpoint Forensics constantly analyzes the behavior of thousands of endpoints for evidence of compromise, including malware and irregular activities. By collecting targeted forensic data with intelligent filtering, the system returns only the data you need. This remote investigation can be done securely over any network, without requiring endpoint access authorization.

Respond quickly to endpoint security incidents

The forensics functionality enables remote investigation securely over any network, without requiring access authorization. Because it integrates with other detection systems, it can automate the triage of any host showing suspicious activity. Forensics supports open indicators of compromise (IOCs) to allow your security analysts to edit and share custom IOCs for quick and seamless response to any threat.

How Endpoint Forensics works

Endpoint forensics works by monitoring all the processes running on endpoints at a given time. By doing this, it's possible to pinpoint processes often used in multi-stage malware and identify specific processes that deviate from normal behavior.

What was once a new and prohibitively expensive technology has been refined and scaled so that organizations can invest in endpoint forensic data capture and analysis.

Endpoint Forensics is a key pillar of FireEye Endpoint Security and allows organizations to investigate threats before they can complete an attack, access critical endpoints and breach important data.


“The FireEye Endpoint Security product has been a game changer for us with regard to endpoint forensics. Being able to quarantine a host, and then search your entire network within minutes - versus days - is really significant. It's a solution that just works every time.”

- Senior Security Engineer, Disability Insurance Company

Disability Insurance Company

Read the Disability Insurance Company customer story
FireEye protects sensitive customer data for Fortune 500 insurance company.

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