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Endpoint Protection Platform

Fully integrated, multi-level endpoint protection

Devices connected to your organization are potential attack surface.  To prevent harmful or malicious software compromising your company data, customer information and intellectual property you need an endpoint protection platform. Endpoint Security from FireEye provides targeted engines in a single agent to protect your organization.

Integrated malware and virus protection

With cyberattacks increasing both in volume and sophistication, organizations need the increased protection of an endpoint protection manager. Endpoint Security provides intelligence led endpoint protection against both common and advanced cyberattacks. With three integrated protection engines Endpoint Security protects against:

  • Common viruses 
  • Advanced malware 
  • Application and browser exploits

A single, multi-engined agent

Endpoints are protected by a single, multi-engined agent. Its easy configuration increases staff efficiency by automating many processes to offer ultimate protection. The four integrated engines include:

  • Stop common malware, with a signature-based engine.
  • Fight advanced attacks with the machine learning of MalwareGuard.
  • End application and browser exploits with behavior-based analytics engine of ExploitGuard.
  • Find threats that have bypassed protection with intelligenced based Indicators of Compromise.

Protection for your entire endpoint environment

FireEye’s Endpoint Security provides protection for all endpoints in your organization's environment to simplify the protection to allow your business to run more efficiently. Whereever your data resides on desktops, laptops or servers, FireEye has protection.

  • Windows; servers and desktop
  • macOS
  • Linux (multiple distribution)

Prepare for the endpoint threats of tomorrow

Legacy endpoint protection can only protect organizations from existing and known threats. FireEye’s Endpoint Security works to protect organizations from advanced threats by using the latest technology – such as machine learning and behavioral analysis – in tandem with malware signatures. This next-gen endpoint protection prevents advanced attacks because it identifies attack techniques and behavior, not just the malware used.

How does endpoint protection work?

Devices, such as a laptops, deskopts and web-facing servers in an organization can all make businesses vulnerable to attack. This is why endpoint protection software is installed on all endpoint devices, to protect an organization data, customer information and intellectual property when its accessed by any device.

Endpoint protection has a number of facets to cover the various vulnerabilities and attack methods. These include: malware protection and antivirus; behavioral analysis and threat detection; and endpoint detection and response (EDR) to to reduce the impact of a breach. These elements often come separately or can be integrated into one product for maximum efficiency.

A key benefit of endpoint protection is the reduced time that security teams have to spend dealing with false threats while quickly diagnosing real threats and mitigating their impact.


“FireEye Endpoint Security gives me a lot of confidence in knowing our environment is protected. We've had a couple of isolated ransomware attacks that it has blocked - and alerted us about - to prevent the threat spreading.”

- Security Analyst, Medical Institute

Medical Institute

Read the Medical Institute customer story
A leading academic medical institution safeguards patient data with FireEye solutions.

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