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FireEye Endpoint Security enables you to stop breaches in their tracks, safeguarding your organization with frontline intelligence-led protection, detection, and response.

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Defense in Depth Protection

Protects endpoints from advanced threats with machine learning and blocking of application exploits through a behavior analysis engine.

Detection and Response
Superior Threat Detection and Response

Enables endpoint threat detection and response through deep knowledge combined with tools and techniques from expert frontline responders.

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In-depth forensics analysis

Provides real-time forensics investigation and analysis so security teams can quickly investigate and remediate threats across all endpoints.

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Manage, defend, and recover with Endpoint Security.

Endpoint Security uses advanced protection modules to stop attacks and provide comprehensive defense. A single agent with multiple engines allows for centralized management of all endpoints and faster response in diagnosing threats and mitigating their impact.

The FireEye Endpoint Security difference:

  • Signature-based malware protection, behavioral-based analysis, and machine learning to see first-hand what others do not
  • Improves productivity and efficiency by enabling teams to uncover threats rather than chase alerts
  • Uses a single, small-footprint agent for minimal end-user impact
  • On premises, virtual appliance, or cloud deployments

"Every endpoint counts and FireEye Endpoint Security gives us the ability to instantly confine a threat and investigate the incident without risking further infection."

- Anton Bonifacio, CISO, Globe Telecom, Inc.